Earth Hour 2011 is Only The Beginning...How to Green It All The Way and Go Beyond The Hour

Green It All The Way and Go Beyond The Hour...See Pledges Made by People Around the World and Register Your Action Above!

I have written in the past about our family antics during Earth Hour.  I love the way we always laugh and remember those funny times each year together as a family when Earth Hour rolls around. As we all prepare to celebrate our commitment with our brothers and sister worldwide to the preserve the health of our planet, let's take it a step further.  As individuals, families, businesses and organizations, let's pledge to do more!

"We are calling on businesses and organizations to use the annual lights-out event as a time to make a commitment to lasting action for the planet, beyond the hour," said Andy Ridley, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Earth Hour. "Switching off the lights is only the beginning."

This year, Earth Hour, has garnered support from global companies and organisations as diverse as: Nokia, PwC, The Girl Scouts, FIFA, the International Olympic Committee, Canon, Baidu, Naver, National Geographic Channel Asia, Bloomberg, Starcom, Pocoyo, Clearchannel, Credit Suisse AG, Coca Cola, IKEA, Goldman Sachs, Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Hostel World and CB Richard Ellis.

What will your family or organization do to go beyond the hour in 2011?  You can even upload a video like I did!

Register your action above and share the heck out of it!  You can see my action HERE!  This is such a fun way to show your children the importance of taking care of our planet, connect with people worldwide and take action. Get to it above and have your kids register their actions as well.  And hey, if you are a business owner, make a pledge and then get your employees involved to take action! Leave a message below and let us know what you pledged!!!

This Saturday, March 26, 2011, take the time to turn off your lights at 8:30 pm (in your local time zone) for Earth Hour. Earth Hour is a worldwide collective display of commitment to protect something that unites us all - the planet.

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