Baby Harmony Makes Cleaning Child's Play! Safe, Non-Toxic, Effective Green Cleaning for Your Baby, Pet and Family. Say Yes to the Power of Nature!

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Say Yes to the Power of Nature!
Oh how I wish I would have had the Baby Harmony product line of safe, non-toxic and effective green cleaning supplies when my girls were babies.  It would have taken so much worry out of my life and using the plant based, all natural green cleaners just might have kept two of my little ones from developing asthma.  When I think of how I  doused their toys in bleach and cleaned their high chairs with toxic cleaners it makes me wish I would have taken the time to have been better informed.

Well luckily parents and grandparents today have Baby Harmony to make cleaning child's play!  It's time to say, "Yes" to the power of nature and say, "No" to toxic chemical residue that can harm your baby.  Using Baby Harmony means less worry about baby's health and safety and I am pretty sure that every parent can use a little less worry in their life!  What new parents need is a little harmony in their life right?

Safe for Baby, You and the Earth
Founded by a grandmother on a mission looking for safe products for her grandchildren, Baby Harmony is safe for your baby, you, and the earth. All of Baby Harmony's green cleaning products are formulated to be all-natural, pure & free of toxic chemicals.  Baby Harmony is organic, green, eco-friendly cleaning for today's healthy living family!  Safe and natural for your baby's lungs, safe for sensitive skin and safe for sensitive noses, Baby Harmony offers natural cleaning products that are as effective or more effective than the harsh cleaners available on the market today!

  • No  fragrances or scents of any kind
  • No essential oils that may cause allergic reactions for a sensitive baby - but Baby Harmony offers 3 essential oils that can be added if you'd like!  
  • No fragrances, dyes, toxic residue or fumes 
  • No Petrol-chemicals
  • No ingredients that may cause allergic reactions 
  • Safe for you, your baby and your pets
  • Baby Harmony uses natural green organic cleaners and cleaning agents derived from nature for superior cleaning power
  • 100% biodegradable  

Safe, Green Products from a Company that Cares and Gives Back
I know the folks at Baby Harmony well enough to call them green friends and I have seen firsthand just how committed they are to protecting your family and our planet from toxic and harmful chemicals.  In fact, at Baby Harmony they are passionate about keeping families safe and feel it is their obligation to give back and help groups and organizations like the Rockin' Appalachian Moms Project.   If you would like to recommend a worthy group or organization for the Baby Harmony Give Back Program, please feel free to shoot them an email

So we have safe, green products for baby and your family from a company that cares and gives back?  Sound too good to be true?  Well wait, there's about $5 off your first order and free shipping on orders of $50 or more?  Yes that's right, Baby Harmony offers great, green, non-toxic cleaning products, a discount and free shipping.  Oh and did I mention that they are a Green America Certified company?

Check Out Some of my Favorite Baby Harmony Green Cleaning Products
What are you waiting for?  Get over to Baby Harmony and make cleaning child's play!

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Okay so like I said, what are you waiting for?  Get over to Baby Harmony now and green your cleaning to create a safe, non-toxic, clean place for you and your baby.

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