Newborns in United States Face Increased Risk of Learning Disabilities Because of Mercury Exposure! What You Can Do

The U.S. EPA estimates that more than 300,000 newborns every year may face an increased risk of learning disability due to mercury exposure. Take Action!
Okay folks, we have another call to action to answer from Earthjustice.  It is unbelievable that companies knowingly pollute our planet but they do.  In fact, they spend millions of dollars paying lobbyists to push back against laws enacted to protect our health and the health of our environment. We won't let it happen anymore.  Together, we are far more powerful than any high paid lobbyist or legislator on Capitol Hill right?  

Read the following message from Earthjustice and by now you know the drill. It takes literally just minutes to make your voice heard and make a difference.

Oh and BTW, I am heading to Washington, D.C. today with my eldest daughter.  We are going on a bus with a bunch of energetic and inquisitive 8th graders and I am planning on having a blast and checking out just how green our Capital really is!  I will keep you posted on Twitter and Facebook but until I get back next week, I will be introducing you to some amazing and accomplished green friends of mine.  They will  be filling in for me and keeping you up to date and in the know on green news on BPA, upcycling online and ways to stay green and stylish on your wedding day. 

Okay so now get to reading below and then take action!  We need you and it feels really good right?  Be a green superhero...

We've got a mercury problem, and we need your help

For years, cement manufacturers have emitted tons of toxic mercury into our environment, where it pollutes our waters and the fish that swim in them, accumulates in our food and ultimately threatens young and unborn children with brain damage, birth defects and learning disabilities.

Thanks to public outrage over this unacceptable health threat—including your emails and phone calls—the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency last August released long-delayed health protections that will cut mercury pollution by 92 percent. This sweeping change to protect public health would not have happened without your involvement!

But the mercury problem isn't one the cement industry wants solved. Their well paid lobbyists are pushing hard in Congress to have these health protections overturned entirely.

If they succeed, cement plants' mercury pollution will continue unabated. Worse yet, thousands of people will die unnecessarily every year.

Cement plants emit vast quantities of fine particle pollution, a major cause of premature death. The EPA's health protections will cut this particle pollution by 92 percent, a reduction that will save the lives of as many as 2,500 Americans every year and reduce heart attacks, hospitalizations and lost days at work.

The value of these health benefits will be as much as $18 billion each year—about $20 in health benefits for every $1 the rule will cost the cement industry.

The cement industry didn't elect our members of Congress. We did. Tell your representatives in Washington, D.C. to support public health and your right to breathe clean air by rejecting the cement industry's attempts to rob the public of these life-saving protections.

Our future depends on our knowledge and actions...Take Action Today!

— Earthjustice

"Because the earth needs a good lawyer"

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