PBS Kids Go!'s Arthur Goes Green for Earth Day with 5 Brand New Eco-Episodes and an Online Go Green Challenge

I have written in the past about how much I love PBS Kids.  I grew up with PBS and I am pleased that my daughters have had the chance to grow up watching educational television disguised as fun.  Of course you never want to allow your kids to stay glued to the TV for too long right?  Okay so not that there haven't been days in my house where a kid or two have been allowed to remain transfixed to the boob tube for far too long.  Still, you know what I am sayin' right?  I really love it when PBS provides kids with green living messages geared toward them.  Well get your little greenies ready on Earth Day April 22 for some eco-friendly fun on TV and online. I just got word that PBS Kids Go!'s Arthur is going green for Earth Day with eco-episodes and an online Go Green Challenge.

Online kids are encouraged to take Arthur's Go Green Challenge! 
PBS Kids Go!'s Arthur is going green and helping kids celebrate Earth Day this year with 5 brand-new eco-episodes starting Friday, April 22, 2011.  If you have a little one in the house, you probably will catch it but be sure to check your local listings for times. Starting with "Buster Baxter and the Letter from the Sea," and continuing with the kiddie call to action with the special Go Green Challenge online, Arthur and friends will teach kids simple steps they can take to help protect the environment.  PBS Kids Go1's Arthur gets it right for our future green generations in using fun while promoting eco-action 

"This Earth Day, we wanted to show kids how simple actions can affect the environment," says Senior Executive Producer Carol Greenwald. "Through this episode and the Go Green Challenge, kids can learn simple steps that they can take to help protect the world around them."

I love the idea of the shows and online challenge for my 5 year old because it helps me to lay a solid green foundation for her to build upon.  We are heading over to take some of the Go Green challenges now (we can choose from recycling clothes to conserving energy and water and more) and we will be watching all of the new eco-episodes for Earth Day!  Thanks PBS Kids Go! 


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