14 Ways to Green Your Workout, Fitness & Weight Loss Routines and Meet Your Goals

Here are 14 ways to green your workout, fitness and weight loss routines to help you meet your goals
So, you want to be green and eco-friendly as well as wanting to exercise or lose weight. Did you know that both can go hand in hand?  The old thought that you have to go to a gym to get in shape doesn't  apply any more. You can get an excellent workout without ever leaving your home, by going outside or just taking a bike ride to new, eco-friendly workout destinations. 

Going to a gym uses gas, creating pollution and the need for more petroleum based products. Additionally, when you get to the gym have you ever thought about all the electricity it takes to power all the equipment in there - the air conditioning, tv's they have for you to watch, lighting. Not to mention all the other people who drove to the gym to workout as well! That's a lot going against the environment all in the name of a person wanting to get in shape and exercise.   

Here are some easy, green ways to exercise and get in shape without creating a big carbon footprint or wasting resources
  • Walk, jog or rollerblade around your neighborhood.
  • Do yoga and for an added bonus, go for a bike ride and find a new, green destination to practice outside!  Or, enjoy the sounds, smells of the environment you have in your own backyard.
  • If the weather is bad, do a workout dvd inside. If you don’t have any good ones, I have some excellent workouts for all levels that you can access by joining us at www.beachbodycoach.com/taraburner
  • If you’re near water, you can go for a swim, kayaking or canoeing…even paddleboat (which is what many do in here in Florida since they live on canals, and small lakes).
  • Use your body-do push ups, crunches, jumping jacks, skip rope, hula hoop-none of these require leaving home or use up any resources other than your own fat & calories.
  • Use a reusable water bottle for rehydrating during exercise.
  • Turn your ac up in the house a few degrees, after all you want to sweat when you’re exercising-helps you rid your body of toxins, cleanse your pores and will save on electricity.
  • When your exercise shoes have had it, donate them. Nike’s Reuse A Shoe program accepts worn shoes so they can recycle them. They grind them down, recycle them and repurpose the material to make tracks, playgrounds and other surfaces. 
Here are some quick tips on how to eat green, healthy and enable yourself to lose weight.
  • Transition to vegetarian or vegan lifestyle-or at a minimum try at least one “meatless” day.
  • Eat natural foods saves on packaging-fruits and veggies don’t require packaging.
  • Buy nuts, grains in the bulk section at health food store or grocery to save on packaging as well.
  • Eat organic, hormone free food. You don’t want a side of pesticide with your food, nor do you want to eat chicken or meat that’s been injected with hormones.
  • Plant your own garden. If you don’t have a yard, you can do container gardening or simply do a window sill herb garden. This cuts down on foods you’ll have to purchase and that helps with all the waste and resources utilized in shipping foods, driving to buy them from the store.
  • Don’t eat processed foods or junk food. They aren’t nutritional, do nothing beneficial for your body and usually come in packaging that is a waste of precious resources. Now there are some exceptions though. Some companies that make wholesome, healthy and organic products are beginning to use recycled material to package and/or package in biodegradable packaging. Make sure to recycle whatever packaging your area allows when you’re done.
If you need assistance overcoming cravings or overeating and want to eat healthier, give up some bad food choices or need motivation to exercise, you might consider hypnosis to compliment your efforts. I can easily create for you special, custom designed hypnosis sessions that you can receive via download in mp3 format -  so you’re even being green with this choice as well. You can listen in the comfort and privacy of your home without using your car to have to go to an actual hypnotist for a live session and it’s downloadable so no packaging waste. It’s been shown that people who do hypnosis in conjunction with other lifestyle changes have a higher rate of success than those who just make a few daily changes in their habits.

If hypnosis isn’t the route you’d like to take, I strongly suggest hiring a coach, like me to assist you. The direction and knowledge I can offer you is priceless. In fact, I am offering Environmental Booty Fans a special deal on my 12 week coaching package!

Types of coaching programs that are available:
Inspiration Coaching
Biblical Health Coaching (nutrition, health, wellness)
Stress Management Coaching

Things you obtain from coaching with me:

~You will learn how to eat healthier and live a healthier lifestyle.
~You will have the tools to manage every day stress.
~You will become a stronger individual, able to make decisions that
impact your life in a positive way.
~You will experience a transformation in your life allowing for
happiness, optimal health, joy, purpose!
~You will have accountability

Coaching sessions are conducted over the phone or Skype
and range from 45-50 minutes with one call every week. 

 Three Month Coaching Package
12 weeks
1 Session Weekly
Environmental Booty Friends SPECIAL price just $350

Whatever you do, here’s to living a greener, healthier lifestyle…you’ll benefit as will the Earth.

This guest post was written by, Tara Burner 
Tara is an Certified Health & Weight Coach & Team Beachbody Coach and a Certified Hypnotist. You can visit Tara at www.taraburner.com or get social with her...

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