How to Create a Gourmet, Chemical Free Kitchen? Start with this Quick and Easy Seven Oaks Ranch Organic Garlic Gold Shrimp Scampi with Pasta Video Recipe

Create a Gourmet Chemical Free Kitchen Fit for a Chef!
I am so not a gourmet chef in the kitchen, but using Seven Oaks Ranch Garlic Gold products, makes my food taste like I am in no time flat.  No kidding!  Hand-crafted Organic Garlic Gold,  Pure Organic Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Gourmet Garlic Nuggets and Vinaigrettes are some of my absolutely favorite must have items for a chemical free kitchen.  I found the folks at Seven Oaks Ranch and their addictive line of Garlic Gold products a couple of years ago and they have become staples in not only my chemical free kitchen, but in many of my friend's and family's kitchens as well.  Once people try these flavorful and texture filled organic sensations, they never want to be without them ever again!  

How will You Fall in Love with Organic Garlic Gold?
Because they are so versatile, there are so many ways to fall in love with organic Garlic Gold's products.  I use them as condiments, dipping sauces, marinades, dressings and more!  Still, I think one of the things I adore most is that these dinner time life savers make it soooo easy to serve food my entire family loves in no time at all.  For example, check out one of my favorite recipes from Garlic Gold that is super quick and easy and see if you fall in love with the ease too...

Organic Garlic Gold Shrimp Scampi with Pasta

Make Your Organic Garlic Gold Shrimp Scampi with Pasta Fiberfull!
I use whole grain organic pasta with flaxseed for extra fiber and, although my kids didn't think it was so flavorful at first, they have gotten used to it.  My husband, on the other hand, is not so into the whole grain pasta.  Still, I have found that even though Big Bad Dad isn't a freak for garlic like I am, he loves the way the Garlic Gold Shrimp Scampi tastes so much that he always eats it right up and gets seconds.

A couple more tricks and tips for your chemical free kitchen
When you make the Shrimp Scampi: steam (in a BPA free steamer) or stir-fry (in a toxic-free, Teflon free pan like my favs over at Manpans) some fresh veggies with the Garlic Gold EVOO and either the Gourmet Garlic Nuggets or the the original Garlic Gold for a really sensational side dish with a little zip.  Not spicy just zippy.  Okay I cannot explain it, you just have to try it!!  Organic Garlic Gold products are just like nothing you have ever tried before.  Give them a try them and stop back by to let me know how you have fallen in love with Seven Oaks Ranch and their Organic Garlic Gold products for your chemical free kitchen!

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