Looking for Ways to Make Extra Money Working from Home? Which Green Jobs Fit the Bill?

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If you are looking for ways to make extra money  working from home, you may be asking yourself, "Which green jobs fit the bill?"  Maybe you have been a stay at home mom for years and are ready to get back to work and back to earning a paycheck.  Or maybe you have a full time job but are looking for extra income or a way to provide income in retirement.  No matter where you are today, if you are looking for a way to make extra money in one of the hottest segments of the green industry, I would love for you to meet my friend, Michele Halle and her NYR Organic team.    

"I wanted to be a part of NYR Organic to experience a healthy alternative to traditional personal care products.  NYR Organic products are innovative because they are Certified organic by the Soil Association. They are uniquely based on essential oils and therefore bring a fabulous aromatherapy quality to the products, so they work great and they make you feel great too!" Michele Halle  - NYR Organic Independent Consultant 

NYR Organic products win rave reviews at the 2011 GBK Academy Awards Gift Lounge!

No Experience Necessary! 
Don't worry if you are currently working in a totally unrelated field or if you have been a stay at home mom for a while and you think your job skills are a little rusty.  Once people put NYR Organic products on their hands and faces as testers, they most often buy them!  Plus, Michele and NYR Organic (NYRO) will teach you everything you need to know and will support you every step of the way.  You will have access to all of the marketing tools Michele and her team use including your own website (did I mention it is free and easy to use), training, excellent customer support, promotion and recognition. You'll also get to know Michele's successful team, gain new friendships and build valuable business relationships.
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Start Earning Now with a Company You Can Believe In
In as little as two weeks, with very little investment in time and money, you could start to grow a successful business in an industry that is positioned perfectly for today's green living, health conscious consumer.  Work the hours you choose, run your business without the hassles and red tape you encounter with other business models and have the freedom to build your team and income.  Your earning potential is unlimited with NYR Organic.  NYRO and Michele Halle aren't new kids on the organic personal care block and they have the green credential you need to feel confident you are partnering with a solid brand.  In 2009 alone, NYRO won 36 awards for their ethical, organic beauty products including Best Organic Product and Best Organic Range. 
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NYR-short for Neal’s Yard Remedies: 
a favorite in the UK since 1981.
The Company
  • Philosophy: NYRO is  passionate about transforming people's lives, educating and empowering them on how to live more healthily through the power of nature.
  • Vision: To be a world leader of natural health and beauty, enabling people to live more healthily.
  • Mission: To improve the quality of people's lives by sharing their expertise and encouraging a more natural, holistic way of health, beauty, and well-being.
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NYRO Core Values
  • Effectiveness - NYR Organic formulations must benefit mind, body, and well-being, use potent herbs, oils, and extracts, and meet NYR's  incredibly high standards of efficacy.
  • Environment - NYR Organic is proud to be the first UK retailer to be certified Carbon Neutral®. Their belief in sustainability means they use only the wild, organic, and natural ingredients nature can afford to give. They avoid polluting, toxic, or harmful substances, and NYRO doesn't over-package.  Good for you and the environment!
  • Empowerment - By listening to their customers and staff, and through sharing their knowledge, NYR Organic can inspire and empower people to live more healthfully and enjoy greater well-being. 
NYR Organic believes that what you put on your body is as important as what you put into your body!
  • Cutting edge organic skincare
  • Never tested on Animals
  • 100% Vegetarian
  • Natural remedies 
  • No mineral oils, parabens or synthetic fragrances
This Could be Just What You've Been Looking for! Now What?
If you would like to find out more about the NYRO business opportunity, you can join Michele in a 30 minute "DISCOVER NYRO" call.  In this pre-recorded call, Michele will tell you more about the NYR Organic business opportunity that has been so successful for her. You can listen in on the recording by dialing 661-673-8609 and entering access code 196683#.

Join NYR Organic in May and receive the May Kit Bonus worth $51!
Whatever you do, if you think this opportunity might be for you, don't wait to start to making an income through making a difference!  E-mail or call Michele at 866-587-2026 to get started and get the FREE Beauty Sleep Concentrate when you do!  You can also sign up easily and quickly right now online at www.us.nyrorganic.com/shop/michele and knowing Michele, she will be in touch with you before you can say, "That was easy!"
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