Take a Hint from Green Star and Mom Kelly Preston and Protect Your Kids from Pesticides and Toxins. Finally a Non-Toxic, Great Smelling Foamy Hand Soap Without Triclosan

"I have been using Mountain Green laundry products for close to two years now and their all natural products are the best on the market. There are no harsh chemicals and all of their products are plant-based. Not only does this product really clean, it's also good for you and the planet!"
Kelly Preston

Moms, do you know that almost all hand soaps you buy from the big box shops contain a harmful esticide called triclosan?  I know the last thing you want to be putting on your kids, or even yourself, is a pesticide right?  Well I gave up trying to find a safe and non-toxic had soap at my local stores and, like green mom Kelly Preston, have fallen in love with Mountain Green products and their foamy hand soap.

Totally safe, plant based, vegan and even gluten free, these four naturally scented foamy soaps are safe for even the most sensitive of skin and contain no parabens or harsh sodium lauryl sulfate.  As an added plus, the packaging is 100 recyclable!  Just one more way living green helps put your mind at ease, keeps your family safe and protects our environment.

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