The First Saffran US in Orlando is Greening Eating Out On a Budget. Flavorful, Healthy Food Direct from Iceland with Only One Problem...

The First Saffran US in Orlando is Greening Eating Out On a Budget.  Flavorful, Healthy Food Direct from Iceland with Only One Problem...

Saffran US is my new favorite spot to eat healthy and delicious!

My youngest turned 6 last week and we hosted 7 of her closest friends at Build-A-Bear.  This was like our millionth time partying with the bears and when we were done, I was ready to sit down and relax with a bite to eat and preferably a nice, stiff drink.  But finding a place to eat out has turned into such a nightmare hasn't it?  Trying to live green means we want healthy and flavorful and most of us are living on tighter budgets these days.

Yet unless we want to spend a small fortune on one dinner out, we are forced to choose from one of the many sub shops (can you say bleh?) and fast food drive thrus (can you say no way?) which over populate the dining landscape.  This time it was my husband to the rescue with a new suggestion in Saffran US but I must tell you...they have one, big problem.  They need more locations.

At first when I walked in I was like, "I SO don't want to order at the counter.  Can't they serve me?"  but the ambiance at Saffran US is not reminiscent of fast food dining in any way other than where you place your order.

The concept was started in Iceland by two friends and has just opened their first location in Orlando, Florida by the Florida Mall.  That would not have been my first choice for a restaurant location but hopefully they will be opening a new location in the Sand Lake, Dr. Phillips "restaurant row" area.  Saffran US offers healthy, fresh, exotic, robust, flavorful and inexpensively priced food to “spice your soul and body”. Their food reflects the fact that they choose only quality ingredients, preferably from local farmers, and all bread is baked using only barley, spelt and whole wheat. They use practically no sugar (only a very limited amount in their delicious and light desserts), no white flour, no frying and no MSG. 

Saffran US is all about dining in a relaxed setting, surrounded by the great smells, sights and sounds of whole foods from nature cooked in fragrant and flavorful spices.  The menu is a mix of European and Mediterranean food culture mixed with traditions from the Middle East. Don't worry, even my picky eaters found they loved the Cheese Mountain Safflat.
I was told that the house wines that Saffran US offers are from our local Lakeridge Winery and are organic.  I could not find the words organic on the bottle anywhere and do not recall hearing that Lakeridge Winery was organic the last time I visited for a tasting but that was years ago.  Regardless, their white was amazingly some of the best wine I have ever had...and I have had a lot.  ;) 
Six of us ate for $54 and that included a glass of wine and an Iceland beer.  Everyone loved what they ordered and we all cannot wait to go back. Of course I forgot my to go containers but Saffron US extends their commitment to green from the food to their recycled take out boxes.
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