NASA and US Farmers Urge You to Get Lost in Space. Space Farm 7 Project Celebrates US Space Program Through Agri-Tourism. Offers Chance to Dine with an Astronaut

The Space Farm 7 project is designed to celebrate the accomplishments of the U.S. space program through agri-tourism
It seems that seven farms across the U.S., in collaboration with NASA, are inviting the public to get lost in space — the space inside crop circles — this fall.  Considering the recent changes over in Titusville at The Space Center,. who knew that NASA was so good at PR ?  Pulling off this huge of a stunt through agri-tourism is sure to be a hit with people all over the country.  But actually, it wasn't even NASA who came up with the plan. 

A group of ingenious farmers from across the US, working with The Maize Inc., decided to submit an unsolicited proposal to the Office of Informal Education to collaborate with NASA on an outreach program to celebrate 50 years of human spaceflight.   I love farmers!

Designed to celebrate the accomplishments of the U.S. space program through agri-tourism, the "Space Farm 7" project really takes people out into space through pictures to view the seven crop formations that celebrate the history of NASA through pictures of its past accomplishments as well as images of its future.

The seven NASA crop formations are open to the public through November.

The Liberty Ridge Farm in Schaghticoke, N.Y., about 20 miles (32 kilometers) north of Albany is the Northeast representative for the Space Farm 7, pairing up with NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center to coordinate their leg of the program.  Liberty Ridge Farm highlights achievements made during the 20-year NASA Hubble Space Telescope program with its out-of-this-world "Hubble Space Telescope Adventure Corn Maze."

NASA had several objectives in participating in the Space Farm 7 project, such as:

    * To engage nontraditional audiences through the use of products and services familiar to audiences.
    * To inform the public through the creation of new opportunities for interaction and personal engagement with NASA's mission.
    * To reach underserved, geographically dispersed communities.
    * To use the opportunity to highlight a new era of post-shuttle spaceflight by showcasing current and future programs such as the space station and the planetary spacecraft programs.

Head to the Space Farm 7 website to get more information and to vote for your favorite maze.  The grand prize is four maximum-access tickets to one of my family's favorite Central Florida sites, the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, complete with four tickets to the "Dine with an Astronaut" program to use during the visit.  

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