See How Ford Motor Company Makes Cars Out of Sustainable Foods Like Coconuts and Soybeans [Video]

Nearly all Ford vehicles utilize soyfoam technology and 75% of Ford vehicles have soyfoam headrests.  Through using soy, Ford is able to reduce their petroleum usage by more than 5 million pounds each year

Over the next few weeks I will be posting more pictures, insider info and highlights of my trip to Ford World Headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan and my time at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.  Today though I wanted to share this video I made when I got a chance to meet with Ellen Lee, Plastics Research Tech Expert and Angela Harris, Plastics Research Engineer with Ford Motor Company's Sustainable Materials Lab.  Ford continues innovating in ways that serve to help their consumer as well as our planet.

It is amazing to me how committed Ford is to zero waste and sustainability.  Everyone I met at Ford, and I seriously mean everyone, made it clear that Ford is 100% committed to the health of our planet and its people.  It truly surprised me because I just never thought a car company, even one of my favorites, would be able to create a climate where all of the employees are on board with going green.  After visiting Ford, it became clear to me that sustainability is just simply a part of the culture at Ford.

Along with food, Ford is also experimenting with using Hemp in different application
When I spoke with Amy Marentic, Group Manager for Cars and Crossovers at Ford, she really said it best, "In everything we do, we think of the environment.  It's just who we are."

Oh and BTW, sorry I am not a very good videographer so the video quality above is not so fab.  Some of the other 150 digital influencers from around the world who were also invited on the trip to Ford had their own videographers along to do all of their recording for them.  I was lucky I even had my iPad along with me because, as you might remember,  I absentmindedly left my iPhone at home. I think I would have at least gotten the video turned the right way if I was using my iPhone...although my 15 year old daughter Reece would surely disagree with my ability to do even that.  I might love cars and be able to hack code but I certainly am challenged when it comes to technology.  :)  TTYL

Full Disclosure: Ford Motor Company paid for my transportation, lodging and meals while I attended the North American International Auto Show.

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