Apple and Foxconn - Infographic

Foxconn, which is Apple's main factory, has faced numerous accusations of providing an inhumane work environment to Chinese workers.  This has to stop.  It can no longer be hidden behind doors cloaked in distance. Consumers are wielding the power through social media to create change.  We might like our iPhones, but consumers do not like this.


Fair-labor organizers delivered 250,000 signatures to Apple stores in six cities around the world a week ago today in protest of the company’s working conditions in China.

Charlotte Hill, communications manager at, pleaded with Apple to use its creativity to “think ethically” and create an iPhone without using factories that have harsh working conditions.

“No iPhone is worth that cost,” she said.

This injustice will change because we care about our brothers and sisters around the world. We not only know this is wrong, we feel it in our souls.

If I would have heard this before I had my iPhone, I would have stuck with my BlackBerry.

How does this make you feel? 

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Source: Mashable, Infographic Created by:Online MBA Programs

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