There's More in That Can of Soda Than You Paid For: Part One, Hormones

New research shows that when you drink soda from a can, you are getting more than you paid for.  You are also getting a shot of a common pollutant as well as a dose of sweetener that combine to produce a toxic cocktail that messes with important hormones.  Bisphenol-A (BPA) in the lining of the cans and the sweetener fructose (found in fruit, honey and HFCS), which is found in many sodas, inappropriately cause the pancreas to release too much of the hormone, insulin.  And that's not good.

In your body, insulin regulates the activity of cells and tissues like carbohydrate and fat metabolism.  When insulin isn't properly regulated, sugar accumulates in the blood instead of getting into and feeding cells. This throws the body’s balance out of whack, causing a disease called diabetes.

This is a concern for people prone to diabetes like men, those who suffer from depression, people who do not get enough sleep, certain ethnic groups and those who are overweight.

Now you know.  It's not just the soda you paid for in the can that is working against you, it's also the can itself.  What a special, added bonus huh?

The thing that is really interesting is that soda cans without BPA in the lining are available. 

Tomorrow in Part Two of this series on soda, a look at what the Coca-Cola Company is doing to protect consumers.

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Source: Coke.comScience News

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