Go Green Get Fit Environmental Booty Friday Update

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Are YOU with Us Yet in the Go Green Get Fit Summer Challenge?
Okay so by now you should totally be getting the picture that we are participating in something pretty big here.  If you aren't sure what the EcoMom Alliance Sustain Your Self™ Go Green Get Fit Challenge is, get caught up and come back and finish reading the update - I have some workout homework for you.  Otherwise, get ready for the weekly roundup of Go Green Get Fit Challenge news.

Set Your Goals
So first, my goals for the challenge are to:
  • Stay in my desired weight zone - without binging on organic vanilla cookies and gaining 10 pounds like I always do
  • Up my heavy hand-weights by a few pounds to 15...oops I mean 12!
  • Continue to work with my bum shoulder to resume push ups, my bum knee to try to run again and continue to strengthen my bad back (I had back surgery when I was 21)
  • Find ways to green my workouts  
For your Go Green Get Fit homework this week, you should go ahead and write down our goals to solidify and make them real.  Feel free to share them below or on our Go Green Get Fit Challenge Facebook page.
Meet Your Goals...or not just keep trying
I actually did pretty good this week meeting my goals.  The good news is I only had 4 organic vanilla cookies and my weight is in my zone.  The bad news is that after I went for my first run in 2 years, I did my FIRM workout only to have trouble with my right knee.  I only ran for a little under a mile at a really slow pace, but it is just too  much.  Wondering if maybe I need a knee brace or if I need to hang it up already.  The problem is, the run, as short as it was, felt amazing.

I have been able this week to do pushups so my shoulder is holding up pretty good and I did some back exercises too. I love to do the Superman.  You lay on the floor, spread your legs apart and put your arms over your head like you are flying like superman and lift your legs and hands and pulse them.

I am a FIRM Believer!  Join me!! Gaiam - As Seen on TV
I was also successful in upping my heavy hand weights with my FIRM Express workout to 12 pounds.  Now I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but it kicked my butt.  I stuck with it though for most of the workout.

I also was able to green my workout a bit as I picked up a pair of Green Apple eco-friendly workout pants at that place that smells really bad but has great prices on clothes.  What's it called?  Oh crap.  You know not Ross or Burlington, the other one.  Anyway, if I remember I will let you know.

I love them though because they are made from organic Bamboo so they are really breathable and soft.  They are pretty sexy too and I don't care what size I am, I like to feel sexy.

Share with Us Your Successes and Failures!
You can check in here each Friday to share your journey, Like our EB fan page below for updates and follow along on the Go Green Get Fit fan page.  Good luck this week and go kick some booty!

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