Go Green Get Fit Friday Update - A Big Fail for Me for Week Two!

The Green Team at the Ford Go Further Event
The Green Team at Ford Diane with Big Green Purse, Stephanie with Good Girl Gone Green, Tiffany with Nature Moms, yours truly and Anna with Green Talk - thank you to Stephanie for sharing her pic

Well I had a fantastic time in Dearborn with the green team (see the eco-chick posse above) learning all about Ford Motor Company's green initiatives and consumer trends, but as far as my Go Green Get Fit Challenge went, I had a big fail this week. I did not gain any weight, although I did eat four chocolate chip cookies in one day, but more importantly, I did not take care of myself. 

I stayed up until 3am working and then got up at 6am.  This is a pattern with me that has been around for a long time and it has to stop.  I love to work and I am certainly a type-a girl but at my ripe old age of 44, it needs to stop.  Even though I met my goals this week I am certainly not doing a good job of sustaining myself.  I need to get more rest or eventually I will burn out!

How are you doing on your Go Green Get Fit goals?

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