Live a Little Monday - Find Your True Strength to Go Green and Reach Your Fitness Goals

Join us in the go green get fit challenge
Thank you to a man who never gave up, Chris Reeves, and Go Green Get Fit on Pinterest for sharing his inspiration

Anyone Can Give Up, It's the Easiest Thing to Do
Have you tried to go green and set fitness goals in the past only to let life get in the way, fall apart and forget it?  I mean who would blame you right?  Attempting change is tough in any area of life but when it comes to fitness and weight loss, everyone understands if you fall apart and give up because many of us have done the same.   Well today is officially the first day of the Sustain Your Self™Go Green Get Fit 12 week health and wellness summer challenge and it is time to Live a Little and reach for your fitness goals.

I am Ready to Find My True, Green Strength and Live a Little, Are you?  
I certainly hope you are planning on joining us because I will be blogging here each week to give you green inspiration, share my fitness tips and tell you how I am doing with my goals so you won't be alone.  It is really going to be 12 weeks of hard work but also a great way to hold it together and find your true strength to reach your goals.

Thank you to Erin from Healthy Home Magazine for this Pin
Have You Set Your Goals Yet?
My Go Green Get Fit goals are to:
  • Stay in my desired weight zone - without binging on organic vanilla cookies and gaining 10 pounds like I always do
  • Up my heavy hand-weights by a few pounds to 15...oops I mean 12!
  • Continue to work with my bum shoulder to resume push ups, my bum knee to try to run again and continue to strengthen my bad back (I had back surgery when I was 21)
  • Find ways to green my workouts 
When you set your Go Green Get Fit goals I want you to feel free to share them with us in our comments and give us updates.  I do not expect to be perfect and neither should you.  This is a 12 week health and fitness series for us to work toward our goals, we are not expected to be perfect, just strong and persistent.

Who is Going Green with Us?
Thirty of the most well-respected and connected green bloggers, top health and wellness brands, supporting organizations, coaches, physiologists and nutritional experts will be taking part.  We are all coming together to offer motivation, inspiration and green living fitness information to help women prioritize their health, get fit, lose weight, reduce mega amounts of stress and have a really fun trip along the way.  The cool thing is that collectively, we will be reaching out to our online communities of over 250,000 people nationwide and in Canada who we are inviting along for the challenge!

Green Blogger Team Roll Call: 
Green Business Roll Call:
Our 2012 Go Green Get Fit Challenge is Presented By: Planet Shoes
Sponsored by: NatureBox, Erin Ely for MiEssence, My Mama's Love,
Media Sponsors:  Healthy Home Magazine

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Going Green is Not Just About the Environment
There are tons of ways to green your workout that I will share over the next 12 weeks and when it comes right down to it, if you aren't in great, green shape, you are going to be of very little benefit to the planet.  When you are low on energy your entire life is all about just getting by and there is very little room left for greening up anything let alone the environment.

Hook up with Go Green Get Fit to Sustain Your Self and Live a Little! 
Girlfriend, it is time to get off your butt and find your true green strength.  You with us?
Check in Fridays here on the blog for Go Green Get Fit Fridays and be sure to hit the Like button below for our Environmental Booty fan page Go Green Get Fit Challenge updates.

You can also follow along with our Go Green Get Fit challenge on Facebook, Twitter (with hashtags #GoGreenGetFit & #SustainYourself) and Pinterest. 

Oh and did I mention that we are going to be giving away a ton of green living, eco-friendly fitness gear?  Yup, that's right so hook up with us now and start making your goal list.  
Now It's Your Turn to Share How to Live a Little! 
On Mondays I link up with an amazing group of bloggers from the Skimbaco community.  We offer up ideas on finding fulfillment in life, right now, through the little things and not so little things to make the most out of each and every day.

Have a blog? Love to have you link up and join us in this Live a Little weekly blog hop. Sometime this week, write a post with tips about how you Live a Little then link up using the Linky below and get the code yourself to put on your blog.   If you would like to add a Live a Little banner, you can find those here.

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