Live a Little Monday - Take a Hint from Kyrie & Brielle and Give a Little Hug

The Power of a Loving Hug Can Pull Us Through Almost Anything
If you spend any time at all on Pinterest, you probably have seen the image of two preemies, one with her arm wrapped around the other.  I was looking at it today and I clicked through to the site to get the full story.  I was surprised, and frankly disappointed, to be directed to a fashion blog.  After digging a little further on my own, I discovered the true story of Kyrie and Brielle Jackson.

Kyrie and Brielle were born 12 weeks early on October 17, 1995 and both were barely 2 pounds.  Kyrie gained weight and thrived but Brielle was irritable, not thriving and doing very badly.  Back in 1995 in the US, it was common practice to keep twins in separate incubators to decrease the risk of infection but in this case, one particular nurse was ready to, with the parent's permission, break the rules.

At The Medical Center of Central Massachusetts in Worcester where the twins came into the world, Nurse Gayle Kasparian was desperate and ready to try anything to help tiny Brielle.  Nurse Gayle took a hint from the European medical community and used a practice which, back then, was virtually unknown in the United States - Nurse Gayle placed the twins in the same bed.

Almost as soon as she had shut the incubator door,  Brielle snuggled up to her sister, Kyrie, and began to calm down.  Within minutes, Brielle's blood-oxygen readings improved and as she dozed, Kyrie wrapped her left arm around her smaller sister.  Brielle’s heart rate stabilized and her temperature rose to normal.

If there is a better illustration of the power of a loving hug, I certainly have never seen it.

o out and live a little today, and every single day, by always remembering to give a little hug.  You just never know how you might change the course of a person's life.

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