Live a Little Monday - Being Green Starts from Home

What Do You Love About Your Home?

I love the way the light from outside and inside collide and come through my house early in the morning and I love my home.  It might not be the biggest or the nicest, but after the last few years, I am happy we have been able to keep this old roof over our heads. 

Recently we put down bamboo flooring, which is an amazing change from living with the holes and stains in the carpet it replaced, and today it got me thinking about something a friend of mine said.

Being Green Starts from Home

My friend Katja, who I greatly admire for her wit, business prowess, intellect and recycling skills said that "being green starts from home" and she is right. People are always asking me how to be green and the fact is, it can start as just a simple extension of your home life. 

What Does Your Home Say About What You Believe In?

There are so many of those popular design programs on TV these days that show you how to create the most organized and beautiful home on the block.  Well that is just wonderful until you start to use how your home compares to your neighbors' in organization, size or decoration as a yardstick to measure your importance in life. 

I think a better gauge to measure your importance in this life, is to ask what your home says about what you believe in rather than what you have.

Believe in green and let those beliefs be reflected in your home life through your purchases, actions and design.  Do this and there will be no yardstick begin enough against which to measure your importance in this life.

Live a Little with Us!
Live a Little with Us!

Each week I link up in the Live a Little Monday with my friend Katja and her Skimbaco community.  We offer up ideas on finding fulfillment in life, right now, through the little things and not so little things to make the most out of each and every day.  It's just one of the fun ways we celebrate finding the treasure in self, people and planet here at EB each week.  

Do you have a blog? We would love to have you link up and join us in this Live a Little weekly blog hop. It's really easy.  Sometime this week, write a post with tips about how you Live a Little then link up using the Linky above and get the code yourself to put on your blog.   If you would like to add a Live a Little banner, you can find those here.

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