Won't Back Down with Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis - Why You Don't Want to Miss This Movie [Movie Review]

If You See One Movie This Year, Make It Won't Back Down and Then Take Action to Make a Difference
If You See One Movie This Year, Make It Won't Back Down and Then Take Action to Make a Difference

I was lucky enough to be invited to a private screening of Won't Back Down   by Twentieth Century Fox, Walden Media and StudentsFirst this week and the only thing that was a disappointment to me, was that I forgot to bring my tissues.  Listen when I warn you that you will cry like a baby when you see Won't Back Down and be prepared.  Even my 15 year old daughter was moved to tears and yet you will also be moved to action, just as we both were.
Worldwide, American Kids Rank 17th in Science and 34th in Math

Viola Davis and Maggie Gyllenhaal  deliver inspiring, touching and uplifting performances in Won't Back Down that are appropriate for the entire family.  In just under two hours, watching Won't Back Down solidifies the idea that the problem with America's schools is not a partisan political problem or one that just belongs to teachers, the teacher's union or parents, but one that belongs to each and every one of us regardless of political affiliation.

Prisons are Being Built Based Upon the Number of Kids That Drop Out Of School - 800 Kids Drop Out of School Each Day

Our schools are ultimately failing all of us and it really doesn't matter if you wear red or blue or if you ride to the polls on a donkey or an elephant. America's future is riding on the future of our schools and we all must be held accountable.  Won't Back Down is a must see, don't miss movie and will inspire you to take action to put America back on track. 


Our motto here on EB is "Find the Treasure in Living Green Through Self, People and Planet" and I cannot think of a better way to honor all three than to stand up and speak out for the future stewards of our earth: our children.   See Won't Back Down and you will want to do all you can to speak out for the kids and come together to create something educationally spectacular for all of our children - regardless of where they live or how much money their parents have. 

After you watch Don't Back Down when it comes out September 28, 2012, you will want to check out the  Won't Back Down action toolkit to find ways to take action to stand for something better for our future.

Not only do we need to educate kids to become intelligent citizens who know how to solve the environmental and health issues of the 21st century, we also need to educate each and every kid to grow into intelligent citizens to put America back on track to be the leader of the free world.  If watching Won't Back Down doesn't create a firestorm of much needed change in the hearts and souls of Americans, nothing will.

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