Pinterest Goes Bananas for Green Beauty That Solves Hair and Skin Problems Like Acne on The Cheap

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What Made 200,000 Pinterest Users Go Bananas for Green Living Beauty?

Sonya Kanelstrand's easy to read, but hard to put down e-book,  Banana Beauty - 7 Days to Better Skin and Hair, has taken Pinterest by storm and from the looks of it, people are eating up her skin and hair beauty tips - pun intended. 

I'll just bet that Sonya Kanelstrand never thought she would make Pinterest go bananas for beauty, but that's exactly what has happened.  Within just a couple of days of pinning her green living banana beauty acne recipe for skin, her blog was inundated with 40,000 hits and the numbers have now grown into the hundreds of thousands.

Obviously Sonya has hit on an ingenious and natural way to help women, men and teens find a way to go green and save money on natural beauty solutions for hair and skin - with one simple little banana. 

Image from Sonya's Blog and e-book
In These Days of Penny Pinching, This is One Beauty Buy You Can't Afford to Pass Up

Sonya Kanelstrand's Banana Beauty ebook includes:
  • Information on the health benefits of applying banana in skin and hair treatment.
  • Detailed descriptions of the causes for most common skin and hair conditions.
  • Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions on how to make and apply each banana mask.
  • 7 easy to make recipes, including an acne treatment that works, that will save you hundreds of dollars a year. The more often you use them, the more money you save!  

Which Green Living Banana Recipes Does Your Beauty Routine Need?

Sonya's Banana Acne recipe is just one natural beauty treatment girls of all ages are flipping for that is included in Banana Beauty - 7 Days to Better Skin and Hair that actually works.  Other chapters in the 33 page book packed full of natural beauty tips will give you 7 recipes including:
  1. Anti-wrinkle mask with bananas
  2. Banana-sugar face scrub
  3. Banana peels against acne
  4. Banana peels against warts
  5. Banana hair conditioner
  6. Banana hair mask for dry hair
  7. Banana mask to treat hair loss
Here's How to Get Your Hands On Sonya's Cost Saving Banana Beauty Book

You don't have to be techie, have an iPad or e-reader of any kind to get your hands on Sonya's new e-book, Banana Beauty - 7 Days to Better Skin and Hair.  Just visit Sonya's Blog and hit the button to add it to your virtual green living shopping cart!

I promise, you will never look at bananas, or beauty, in quite the same way ever again!  Enjoy!

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