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How Not to Forget Your Best Friend When Going Green?  

I love my Chi-Poo Ace and if you have a dog, I bet you love your baby just as much as I love my Ace.  I am always trying to green Ace's dog life as well as my family's because every little bit helps and I want him to be healthy without harming the environment too.  This month I thought it would be fun to help you green your best friend with some fabulous green dog giveaway finds.
Ace with my eldest daughter, Reece
  1. Castor and Pollux 6-7' USA Rawhide Bone - This green dog rawhide bone is made from grass-fed USA beef and basted in a natural chicken flavor.  This rawhide provides a delicious way to help keep your dog's teeth and gums clean and is also a great solution for aggressive chewers, or puppies that are inclined to chew on shoes, furniture, or anything they can find.
  2. Castor and Pollux Good Buddy Meat Bone - This bone has been carefully prepared to ensure that it is safe and tasty. It has been dipped in natural liquid smoke and then baked using strict guidelines to ensure a moist, quality bone that reduces the chance of splintering. The liquid smoke is naturally processed, penetrates the bone with extra flavor, is an antioxidant, and fights off bacteria.
  3. 2 packs (50 each) BioBag Compostable Dog Waste Bags - Unfortunately picking up after your green dog is a part of being a responsible pet owner. BioBag Dog Waste Bags are the first certified compostable 'plastic' pooper bag in the world.  Remember though that you should not compost dog waste in a compost pile you are planning to use in your vegetable garden.  
  4. Castor and Pollux Natural Beef Jerky - These green dog jerky sticks are all-natural, made with rye flour and wheat free so they are great for dogs with allergies.
  5. 2 Castor and Pollux Plush Au Naturel Organic Series Toys: Bear and Moose - The Bear and Moose Good Buddy plush toys contain squeakers that are made to be as tough as plush toys can be but are not recommended for aggressive chewers. Don't forget to supervise your dog with any toy or treat. 
  6. Castor and Pollux Dye-Free Rope Toy - This Good Buddy Rope Toy is one of my favorites.  Made from high quality, dye free 100% USA cotton rope, it has a  flossy web to help reduce plaque and it is machine washable.
  7. Castor and Pollux 2-3' USA Mini Rawhide Rolls - Made in the USA from start to finish! Made from grass-fed USA beef and basted in a natural chicken flavor, great for the four-legged chewer in the family!! 
  8. 2 Bottles of Castor and Pollux Aloe & Oatmeal Shampoo & Conditioner - Natural soothing solution for your green dog baby with irritated or sensitive skin, allergies and hot spots.  Conditions, moisturizes and helps reduce inflammation and itching.  
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