Ever Wonder Why Using a Reusable Bag Matters? This Infographic from Factory Direct Promos Shows You The Life Cycle of a Plastic Bag

Wondering Why Using a Reusable Bag Really Matters?

Did you know that experts estimate that 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed and discarded annually worldwide?  That's more than a million plastic bags used each minuteIf just a quarter of families in the United States used 10 fewer plastic bags each month, we would save over 2.5 BILLION bags per year!

The Life Cycle of a Plastic Bag Infographic Will Show You Why You Need to Ditch Plastic Bags

Take a look below at the Life Cycle of a Plastic Bag Infographic from Factory Direct Promos, manufacturer or eco-friendly promotional products, and you will get a better understanding of why your choice to use a reusable bag matters.

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Make the Switch to Reusable Bags
Life Cycle of a Plastic Bag via
Factory Direct Promos -- Reusable Bag Manufacturer

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