Feel Good Friday [Linky] - World Rallies to Help Pranked Girl Kick Bullies to the Curb

World Rallies Around 16 Year Old Pranked Girl To Put Bullies In Their Place

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I have had it with bad news!  How about you?  So I am going to spread the good vibes every Friday and you can join in spreading the smiles in the Feel Good Friday Linky.  Every Friday I am going to post something that just makes me feel good that I know will touch others as well.  If you have a blog, use the linky below to add a post that will make folks just feel good.  If you don't have a blog, feel free to add a link to some Feel Good Friday inspiration you have found on the web.

World Rallies Around 16 Year Old Pranked Girl To Put Bullies In Their Place
If you, like me, were ever bullied when you were a child or if you have a child who has experienced bullying themselves, I think you are really going to love this week's Feel Good Friday fight back story.  It seems that a 16 year old girl from a tiny farm town in Michigan, named Whitney Kropp, has rallied a town together to fight back at bullies that tried to make her believe that she is less than she really is.

As a joke, Whitney was named to the homecoming court by some of her classmates, but the tiny farm town of West Branch, Mich., has rallied around her to fight the bullying.  
"It’s been overwhelming," Bernice Kropp told NBC News, Her daughter, Whitney, was humiliated when she learned Sept. 13 that her selection to the homecoming court had been part of a joke. She said students pointed at her in the hallways and laughed, and the boy who was picked with her withdrew.  Her mom said she was getting ridiculed in school and on Social Media like Facebook.

People Join Together to Offer Support and Fight Bullying through Social Media
Then word quickly spread through the small community of about 2,100 residents and they didn't like what they heard.  Jamie Kline started a support page on Facebook that on Monday had 4,000 fans.  As of this writing it has almost 150,000 fans from all over the world.

People Join Together to Offer Support and Fight Bullying through Social Media
Visit the Bullying Stops Here: Support Whitney Kropps Facebook Page

Town Makes Pranked Teen's Homecoming Dreams Come True
Jen Case, who is with Whit’s End Salon in West Branch, said the salon owner donated services to give Whitney a makeover. "Bullying is a big thing and we wanted to turn this into a positive moment," Case said. Other local businesses are paying for Whitney’s dinner, gown, shoes and a tiara for the dance.

"We live in this community and we’re about the community and giving back," Case told NBC News. "We wanted to help this young lady have a special night."

I think they accomplished far more than making Whitney's dreams come true.  This small little town has inspired a nation and beyond, to stand up for what is right and love one another.  Kind of awesome when we can turn the bad into such good, huh?

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Photo Source: Dale G. Young / The Detroit News
Source: US News 

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