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Have You Had It With BAD News Too?
I have had it with bad news!  How about you?  So I am going to spread the good vibes every Friday and you can join in spreading the smiles in the Feel Good Friday Linky.  Every Friday I am going to post something that just makes me feel good that I know will touch others as well.  If you have a blog, use the linky below to add a post that will make folks just feel good.  If you don't have a blog, feel free to add a link to some Feel Good Friday inspiration you have found on the web.  

It's Time For The Odd Couple Reduct - Maria and Dominic
Apparently there is a new Odd Couple on the block and it this time, it is even more strange than Art Carney as Felix and Walter Matthau as Oscar.

Meet retired salesman Domonic and Goose Maria, the oddest an yet sweetest thing to hit Echo Park,  California possibly...ever.

Every morning, Maria the goose waits beside the road for the sound of Dominic's scooter.  Once he arrives, they walk together in what has become a sweet ritual for the entire community to enjoy.  On some days, Dominic - who has stopped eating poultry since he and Maria have become an item - has to wait until Maria falls asleep as he reads a book before he can make his escape.

When my dad, who is always sending me funny little bits like this, sent this to me, it touched my heart and made me forget all of the fretful things about the world for a moment.  I had to share. Hope it made you smile too.

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