Wordless Wednesday 10-31-12: Find the 3 Green Rules I Broke This Weekend

Wordless Wednesday is a day for me to share an image from my green living life with you along with just a few words...or so 
My HJ over the weekend

Nobody is perfect and that includes me!  Find the 3 green rules I broke over the weekend in this week's Wordless Wednesday image.  Answers below.

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  1. I was just too tired at 9:30 at night after looking for a shoe store in Ft. Lauderdale after my daughter's sole fell off of her shoe to tell the salesperson I did not need a bag for my five items.  I actually told her three times and she ignored me and finally, I just gave up and have it in my bag cabinet.
  2. Allowing my baby to eat a GMO burger (corn fed cows) and a GMO Sprite (HFCS) from McDonald's. She was so amazed and kept saying, "I love this food. can we eat there tomorrow?"  After shoe shopping she still had not eaten dinner and I gave in and still am forcing myself not to feel guilty about it.
  3. Allowed my daughter to get a Happy Meal which came in a non-recycled, useless, plastic bucket which now sits in my garage with two other beach buckets.

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