Feel Good Friday [Linky]: 7 Year Old Blogger's Mission to Help The Mustard Seed Help Families In Need

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7 Year Old Blogs About How Easy It Is to Help Kids and Families In Need

From The Mustard Seed Blog:

A few months ago, a mysterious package arrived in our mailbox from sender, Hayden-Jay Smith. As we examined the box we realized that is was from a child. When we opened the box, the contents included toys, clothes and a letter of some sort. To our surprise was a letter from Ms. Hayden-Jay Smith along with a cash donation!

We are very pleased that Hayden-Jay and Shane Shirley Smith have decided to share their story with us. Please read Hayden-Jay’s story below.

I am not sure what got her thinking about helping children, but when she gets an idea, it is hard to stop her and I didn’t want to. She asked me one day how she could help kids and their families that need help and I told her that there were various organizations who make it their mission to help families in need.  I told her about some of them and when I mentioned how the Mustard Seed helps people get the things they need for their homes, her eyes lit up and she had a question.

“Mommy, do they help little girls who want princess beds?” she asked.

“Yes, they do baby.” I said as tried to smile while holding back my real emotions.

“Well then that is who I want to help.” she said decisively. "I am going to raise money for them mom. Okay?” She said full of excitement and desire to do good.

Here is the simple way she made making a difference fit into her life in her own words complete with a smiley face and her own little joke…
"Hello, I’m Hayden-Jay. I wanted to help the Mustard Seed because they need help. And how I raised the money?  I went to school asking for money, I went to concerts asking for money and when I went, I was in luck because everybody I asked said yes! And that is how I donated and that is how I did it and it feels good to donate because people need us. Just remember, if you want to help too, just talk to other people so they can start a good seed, I mean deed, for the Mustard Seed.”- From 7 year old Hayden-Jay:)
Thank you Mustard Seed for all you do to help families in need and those families like ours who were in need of something a little bit different than household supplies.  We appreciate all of the good you share throughout Central Florida.

Shane Shirley-Smith
Hayden-Jay’s Mom
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Source:Guest Blogger: Hayden-Jay’s mission to help The Mustard Seed. | Mustard Seed of Central Florida

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