Feel Good Friday [Linky] - Ladies Only Edition: U Mass Football Players Get Punked

Have You Had It With BAD News Too?
I have had it with bad news!  How about you?  So I am going to spread the good vibes every Friday and you can join in spreading the smiles in the Feel Good Friday Linky.  Every Friday I am going to post something that just makes me feel good, that I think is funny or that I know will touch others as well.  If you have a blog, use the linky below to add a post that will make folks just feel good.  If you don't have a blog, feel free to add a link to some Feel Good Friday inspiration you have found on the web.

So Ladies If This Doesn't Make You Smile AND Giggle, Nothing Will!
I debated about doing our Feel Good Friday Linky this week because of Hurricane Sandy, but having been through numerous hurricanes myself, there are a couple of things I have learned - life goes on and laughter heals.  Amazingly, there was so much great news out there this week, even in contrast to the awful outcome of the storm that many folks will be digging out of for months, that it was actually tough to choose one.  But I did.

This week, in honor of all of our girlfriends on the East Coast, I offer up some hunky happiness and a bit of naughtiness that I hope will make all of us smile for a minute...or two.

U Mass Football Players Punked by Police and Coach with Scholarships While Reporter Speaks in Double Entendre  

The good news about the two University of Massachusetts Amherst (U Mass) football players who thought they were in trouble with the law, but ended up getting full scholarships from Coach Charley Molner, made me ooh and aww. But the thing that I thought was really hilarious was how the reporter's, comment at the very end could be misinterpreted to be risque.

Watch and listen to the female reporter and see if I am wrong - it's pretty quick at the very end where she says "You know what I mean?"- but I am thinking, that she may be thinking, that she wishes she would have chosen another adjective other than "big" to explain why you want to give the boys good news.

You KNow what I mean?  LOL

Please visit Mashable for 7 ways to help Sandy victims online and keep the victims in your thoughts and prayers. 

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