What Does Standby Mode Really Mean to Your Wallet, Saving Energy and The Planet?

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Standby Mode: It Affects More Than You Think!

We have all been told time and time again that leaving electrical items on standby is a fast way to pointlessly drain energy resources right?  But do you know that because of the carbon emissions that come from creating the extra energy, using standby mode could not only be draining your wallet but is also contributing to global climate change as well? 

“Standby” refers to the mode of an electrical appliance that is neither switched off nor in full on-mode. However this mode is often described in several different ways. For example, "idle", "energy saving", "doze", "sleep", "delay start" or "suspended". This means that while the products aren’t “on”, they are still using electricity to maintain some level of power. 

For some devices that we use, standby mode is necessary for proper functioning. For example, any sort of digital television box that records shows doesn’t work if it were to be fully switched off. However, there are many electrical appliances that can be turned off completely with no negative effect like a CD player, or the television itself.

The Green Deal Hub – Bringing the latest Green Deal information for home owners, installers and providers
But Can Standby Mode Really Save Energy?

Turning electrical appliances off standby mode may seem like it wouldn’t make all that much of a difference, but a recent survey done by Energy Saving Trust shows it really does! The survey revealed that standby power could actually account for 9-16 per cent of a household’s power bill.

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