Wondering What's Wrong with Single Use Plastic Bags? Come to The Factory Direct Promos Holiday Blog Carnival and Find Out

Factory Direct Promos Hosts Holiday Blog Carnival Highlighting 28 Green Bloggers to Help Give the Gift of a Plastic Bag Free World
Factory Direct Promos Hosts Holiday Blog Carnival Highlighting 28 Green Bloggers to Help Give the Gift of a Plastic Bag Free World

If you are looking for some eco-inspiration, information and a little gift for yourself, get yourself over to the Factory Direct Promos (FDP) Green Living and Biz Blog because the carnival is in town and you have VIP passes.  Join 28 green bloggers as they come together and bring awareness to the why behind the trouble with plastic bags through their own narratives.

If you have ever wondered why plastic bags are bad for the health of our planet and even our health and well being, you will find the answers you are looking for and meet some of the best green bloggers on the web.  They have come together to highlight Factory Direct Promos new interactive worldwide plastic bag ban map and the necessity to choose reusable bags instead of single use plastic bags.

Plastic Bags are a Global Problem: Get the Personal Stories Behind the Global Solutions

The map makes it easy to see the worldwide problem that plastic bags cause and illustrates the stories behind the bag bans, bag fees and failed bag bans around the world. 
"I have known for a long time that I wanted to create a way for both consumers and business leaders to be able to really visualize the global plastic bag problem and learn about the stories behind the different solutions around the world. I think the map turned out great.  I want to thank all of the green bloggers for taking time to join us in the holiday blog carnival and helping us to bring awareness to the global plastic bag problem, offer solutions and inspiring and even funny stories and highlight our map. " -  Jason Tunick, CEO, Factory Direct Promos
A Holiday Gift For YOU From Factory Direct Promos

To make the holiday carnival even more memorable, Factory Direct Promos is offering a holiday gift code for $25 off anything on the FDP site with no minimum purchase.  Factory Direct Promos is the leading manufacturer and supplier of eco-friendly promotional products like stainless steel water bottles, recycled content tees and hats, seed paper, reusable bags and even more products to help businesses, brands and organizations go green!

Happy Holidays!!

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