The Medicinal Benefits of Trees

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The Many Benefits of Trees

The survival of our planet depends solely on how well we manage our environment right?  And because there are so many benefits to planting and preserving trees, we should most certainly not overlook them in our efforts to protect the environment. Trees sustain life by providing a variety of essential products for survival of mankind and are so essential to protect.

However, due to technological developments and increases in population, there is growing demand for land to house our growing population. It of course follows that there will be conflict between man and the rest of nature that is sometimes unavoidable. Therefore, there is a need to manage forestry and the cutting down of trees and that is where a tree survey comes in.
Tree Surveys Protect Trees, People and Business

A tree survey is done on private or public land to provide useful information about the trees in a particular area so that property managers can make the right, informed decisions for their individual situation. From the information received, the landowners can decide what to do with the trees on their property.

But a tree survey isn't just about protecting the trees, it is also about protecting the people and nearby buildings that the tree may harm. Tree surveys can also protect all the animals that may be living in a tree like birds, bats and other critters that call trees their homes.

There is one thing that is usually overlooked when doing a tree survey and that is the medicinal value of trees. Many of the diseases that we get can actually be prevented and treated by natural medicines that come from the trees.

The roots, the leaves, fruits and bark of trees have been used for medicinal purposes throughout the ages. Extracts from fruits and leaves of different plants can be used to treat different ailments like sore throats, indigestion, relieve pain and also help to enhance immunity. Most of the medicine used these days is synthetic but many people use medicines from trees because herbal medicine is cheap and readily available.

Four Trees with Medicinal Benefits
  1. Eucalyptus - Eucalyptus leaves are used to treat congestion, colds and coughs. It can be brewed into tea and gargled to ease throat pain. Eucalyptus products are found in cough syrups and throat lozenges and vapor rubs.
  2. Willow Tree - The bark of the willow tree is called salicin and it is used when making aspirin. Willow tree bark is also brewed in tea and is used to treat pain caused by inflammation of the tendons. It also helps to ease lower back pain.
  3. Aloe Vera - Aloe is mostly planted in gardens at home and is easy to maintain. The extract from Aloe Vera leaves is used to treat different skin ailments like burns and wounds. You just break the plant leaf and apply the gel directly to the wound. Aloe also helps lower blood sugar for people with diabetes. 
  4. Saw Palmetto - The extract from the berries of saw palmetto is used to treat urinary tract problems. It is also used to treat the enlargement of the prostrate glands and also boosts male libido. The medicine is available powder, tablet and as dried berries.

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