Florida Business Leaders Show Support for the Safe Chemicals Act...and We're Just Getting Started

Guests starting to arrive and mingling at UCF Pegasus Health

The First of Many Steps Florida Business Leaders Will Take to Pass the Safe Chemicals Act

Last week over 20 small business leaders and owners from all over my home state of Florida came together to show their support for the passage of the Safe Chemicals Act. I was honored to host the event along with Lindsay Dahl, Deputy Director of Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families and it was a great success. This is the first of many steps these Florida business movers and shakers, representing Florida industry from cleaning supply manufacturers to those in the food sector and everything in between, will take to help pass the Safe Chemicals Act.

How I gauge the success of the event is by not only the number of business leaders in attendance, but also by their many and varied questions as well as their enthusiasm for next steps.  These folks are not pushovers, are from both sides of the aisle and are concerned with not only their bottom line, but also with their loved one's health and our planet's future and they are on the same page as consumers I have worked with in passing the Safe Chemicals Act.

Florida Business Owners Get It

As Lindsay said during our conversation after the event, "They get it."

What they "get" is that revamping our outdated chemicals laws, that cannot even ban asbestos from consumer goods sold in the United States, is a necessity to them because they want to stay clear of liability and produce and sell goods that are safe for American, and worldwide consumption.

Please check out the images below from the event and read Lindsay's wrap up about the event over at the SCHF blog.  It is well worth your time.

Are YOU With US?

Oh and BTW, Florida business leaders and owners are just getting started when it comes to doing all they can to pass the Safe Chemicals Act.  Are you with us?  If so, consumers make your voices heard here and business leaders can join us here.

Lindsay Dahl, Deputy Director answers the many questions about the Safe Chemicals Act
Florida Business leaders mingling during a break

The questions for Lindsay were varied and her answers were succinct and helpful to all in attendance.

"It's a really good thing.", Jessica Wright with ecoPreserve.

"We learned from Maria Martinez, Founder of Naturally Green Products, that by increasing information on chemical hazards, a world of opportunity for creating safer industrial cleaners could be opened to her under the Safe Chemicals Act. More access to information, means more innovation." - Lindsay Dahl, Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families blog

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