One Company’s Push Toward a Greener Product Line: How Signazon Is Going Green with Eco-Friendly Vinyl

EZ-Stick Vinyl installation by Signazon customer
EZ-Stick Vinyl installation by Signazon customer

Eco-Friendly Vinyls by Signazon
Guest Post by Nathan Lucas

There are many companies claiming that they are working toward going green, but many times consumers are left wondering how much effort they are really putting toward their green initiatives. At the end of the day, the overall goal of a business is to earn customers’ trust and provide them with a product or service that best satisfies their needs because that is how a business survives.  Yet in this era of environmental consciousness, especially when it comes to providing greener, more earth friendly products, companies need to invest time and money into providing consumers with high quality, eco-friendly alternatives.

How the Printing Industry is Greening Up

This need for eco-transparency and innovation is especially true in the printing industry. Increasing reusability is extremely important in the printing business because of the amount and types of materials used for products like store window lettering, banners, business cards, and more. Researching and developing new materials that are less harmful for end-users and the environment can be very costly as well, but still needs to be addressed.

Signazon is an innovative leader in the printing industry, specializing in quality, printing technology, and customer satisfaction and they have begun taking important steps toward becoming more eco-friendly.

Signazon’s Eco-Friendly, EZ-Stick Technology Differentiates Itself from Typical Vinyl

Signazon’s most innovative, greenest products to date are their patented EZ-Stick Vinyl and EZ-Stick Fabric. The EZ-Stick materials are primarily used for decals which can mean anything from a bumper sticker to a store window or wall decals

EZ-Stick vinyl and fabric is non-toxic and recyclable - including the adhesive - and differentiates itself from traditional vinyl as:
  • It does not contain harmful substances such as PVC and Phthalates
    • For those who are not aware of the harmful effects of Phthalates, “some types of phthalates have affected the reproductive system of laboratory animals” – CDC 
  • EZ-Stick material is biodegradable, and the adhesive is completely safe for the environment
  • The adhesive used in EZ-Stick is low tack, meaning it can applied and removed hundreds of times without damaging walls or leaving a residue

EZ-Stick Fabric installation by Signazon customer
EZ-Stick Fabric installation by Signazon customer

Customer’s Get Signazon’s Eco-Friendly Quality in Their Custom EZ-Stick Creations

The eco-friendly, EZ-Stick vinyl does not fall short of conventional vinyl.  As long as it is applied correctly per Signazon’s installation instructions, the ink can last up to one year, and the material itself can last up to 5 years without curling or losing its hold.  Of course this varies on the amount of sunlight or heat it is exposed to.

Since Signazon’s products are custom-created by our customers, our production team also takes time to make sure that each order is made correctly, primarily to please their customers, but also to prevent waste of materials.  Though the materials used in the EZ-Stick process are biodegradable, Signazon understands that it still takes time to decompose and any measures we can take to decrease waste, will help us leave a smaller footprint on the planet.

To customize and order these low tack decals, head to Signazon’s website.

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