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It's GO Time for Our Health! Take Action in Just One Minute: Ask Congress to get tough on toxic chemicals

Take Action: Ask Congress to get tough on toxic chemicals

We need your voice and a minute of your time today because tomorrow an important U.S. Senate Committee will begin their deliberations on the latest measure to regulate toxic chemicals in the United States.  This has been a longtime in coming and we stil have a lot of work to do.  Are you with us?

See the hearing livestream HERE!

And follow @SaferChemicals on Twitter to participate in the live chat covering the substance of the hearing. You can tweet your questions to them using #SaferChemicals. 
We Need You Out There!

You know I have committed myself to changing the broken toxic chemicals laws in the U.S. and I have loved having you with me. Through my letter writing, phone calls, visiting stores to ask they change what's on their shelves, lobbying in Washington D.C. and Florida and pushing out the message via social media, you have been right beside me through it all.

Now I need you more than ever to take action once again.
"While progress has been made on reforming our laws over the last five years, the current draft isn’t good enough. If this group of Senators can work together, putting aside their partisan differences, we have an opportunity to fix -- and strengthen -- the Chemical Safety Improvement Act." - Lindsay Dahl, Deputy Director - Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families
Please stand beside me and speak up by sending a message to the Senate today.

Tomorrow is the hearing and your Senator needs to know exactly where you stand. Will you ask your Senator to stand up for important protections that must be included in the bill?

Just click HERE to quickly and easily send a prepared email, don't worry you can add your personal message, to your Senators urging them to fix and strengthen the Chemical Safety Improvement Act!

Thank you!! 

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Photo Source: Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families

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