@Target Can You Find the 10 Toxic Things That DON'T Belong in a Backyard BBQ or On Your Shelves?

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Target We Love You But Why Haven't You Answered Us?

You might remember that a few months back I stopped by Target to ask them to Mind the Store and join with us to remove toxic chemicals from the products on their shelves.  You also might remember that bloggers from all over the US visited the other top 10 retailers also asking them to join with us and work together to phase out toxic chemicals so consumers would never have to worry about them again.  

I mean seriously shouldn't the top 10 retailers care enough about us to demand their suppliers phase out hazardous chemicals that science has shown to be detrimental to our health like: Phthalates which are used to soften vinyl plastic and can be found in products like school supplies and have been linked to low testosterone, birth defects and cancer or Parabens in personal care products which have been linked to endocrine disruption and Formaldehyde which is a known carcinogen yet still used to produce many household products like clothing, cosmetics and over 100 more?

Well guess what?  The last I heard, Target has not even taken the time to respond to my visit and the letter that Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families sent them which was signed by tens of thousands of consumers.

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Mind the Store Calls on Top Ten Retailers to Phase Out Toxics 

Researchers released a new study of chemical hazards in picnic products sold at top ten national retailers, finding most have one or more hazardous chemicals linked to serious health problems. The nonprofit Ecology Center tested 58 common outdoor picnic products for substances that have been linked to asthma, birth defects, learning disabilities, reproductive problems, liver toxicity and cancer. Products tested included tablecloths, placemats, picnic baskets, coolers, water toys, folding chairs and umbrellas purchased from 8 of the top 10 national retailers: Lowes, Home Depot, Walgreens, CVS, Target, Walmart, Kroger and Costco. 

The results were released today on the easy-to-use consumer website – www.HealthyStuff.org and www.saferchemicals.org– which also includes prior research on toys, car seats, pet products, cars, women’s handbags, back-to-school products and children’s car seats. 
“It’s outrageous that we can’t even enjoy the outdoors without these industrial hazards coming along for the ride,” said Jeff Gearhart, the Ecology Center’s lead researcher.  “Our testing shows that there is no escaping toxic chemicals. They show up everywhere, they’re in our cars, our homes, our offices and now we know they even follow us into the outdoors.”
Highlights of Findings from HealthyStuff.org’s Picnic Study:

What Did We Find?

•    Almost all (96%) products contained at least one or more chemicals of concern at detectable levels (40 ppm).  One-third (36%) had three or more.

•    40% (23 of 58) contained PVC or chlorinated flame retardants (chlorine above 3,500 ppm) and 7% (4 of 58) contained brominated flame retardants (bromine above 400 ppm).

•    Hazardous heavy metals were also found in picnic products; 31% (18 of 58) had levels of antimony above 100 ppm; 22% (13 of 58) had levels of tin above 100 ppm. Four products contained levels of lead above 100 ppm including a fabric tablecloth that contained 1/4 pound of lead weights (4 one ounce lead weights sewn into each corner).

•    Four products contained one or more phthalates. A folding chair with a vinyl coating contained 17.1% by weight phthalates (16% DEHP and 1.1% DINP) and over 1,000 ppm antimony.

Worst Products By Retailer:
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•    Entertain Weighted Fabric Tablecloth
Table cloth 1/4 pound of lead weights (4 one ounce lead weights sewn into the corners)

•    Entertain Easy Carry Picnic Tote 
Vinyl Tote material contained 6.5% by weight phthalates (DEHP)

•    Banzai Wigglin Water Sprinkle
Hose on water toy contained 0.26% by weight phthalates (0.19% DINP and 0.07% DIDP)

•    Room Essentials 50 ft. Light Duty Hose* 
Vinyl hose contained 16% phthalates


•    Living Solutions Folding Chair
Chair fabric vinyl coating contained 17.1% by weight phthalates (16% DEHP and 1.1% DINP) and over 1,000 ppm antimony


•    Mainstays Vinyl Table Protector (Clear) 
Vinyl table cover contained 8.4% by weight phthalates (8.4% DIDP)

•    Mainstays Vinyl Placemat (Red) 
Vinyl place mat contained 6.4% phthalates (DIDP)

•    Flexon Medium Duty Garden Hose*
Vinyl hose contained 16.8% by weight phthalates (16% DEHP, 0.06% DIDP and 1,900 ppm DINP)


•    Garden Treasure Folding Arm Chair (Black) 
Vinyl grommets on chair contain 7.9% (79,000 ppm) by weight lead. The grommet material also contains brominated flame retardants (9,393 ppm bromine), organotins (4,791 ppm tin) and antimony (70,844 ppm).

•    Apex Light Duty Garden Hose*
Vinyl hose contained 11.3% by weight phthalates (DEHP, DIDP, DINP)

Home Depot

•    Swan Fairlawn Light Duty Hose*
Vinyl hose contained 14.5% by weight phthalates (DEHP, DIDP, DINP)

*Products tested in April 2013

To sample the picnic products experts used a High Definition X-Ray Fluorescence (HD XRF) analyzer and laboratory testing.  XRF is an accurate device that has been used by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to screen packaging; the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to screen food; and many State and County Health Departments to screen for residential lead paint.  Additional samples were analyzed by laboratories using EPA test methods.

All of the study results and more information about what consumers can do is available now at www.HealthyStuff.org. and www.mindthestore.org -- Mind the Store is a national retailer campaign to remove toxic chemicals from the shelves of the top ten national retailers.

Click HERE to ask Target to Mind the Store!

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