Are We Too Hard On Micky D's and Other Big Businesses?

Is It Time to Lighten Up on Big Biz? 

I wrote a piece a long time ago about how I was not happy with McDonald's and it got over 90 Likes on Facebook. The piece called out Micky D's for their unhealthy U.S. menu offerings compared to their European options. On the flip side, I also wrote a piece about how McDonald's had partnered with the Humane Society to lay out a plan for their suppliers to end gestational stall use of their pork, this followed up an announcement that they would be ending the use of "pink slime" in their burgers, and the piece received only 4 Likes on Facebook.

Big companies like Walmart, Target, McDonald's and others who work to make more sustainable business choices seem to get bashed for their poor choices but rarely lauded by many, especially in the green community, for their efforts in the right direction. Why is that?

What Ever Happened to Positive Reinforcement? 

I am CMO for a company that makes eco-friendly promotional products and in the past, the owner was not in favor of touting that we work hard to insure our products are BPA and lead free, for fear that we would get bashed because we manufacture products in China and utilize recycled plastic. This is a company that truly is trying to make the best options available to businesses and they still feel they need to hide their accomplishments for fear of negative press.

I live in reality and believe that any step in the right direction for consumers and our planet should be recognized and applauded.  Not that more is not expected, but just as a child who is working toward a change in behavior goal, constant bashing and reminding of their poor behavior will not encourage needed change.  Positive reinforcement is essential.

Change takes time and I do know that as consumers we need to make our voices heard in demanding safer chemicals, healthier food options, and more sustainable business practices.  Still, why is it so hard for us to say, "Good job" when a company makes a step toward a healthier way of doing business?

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