What Is The Greenest Cell Phone? This Could Be It

Looking for A Greener Cell Phone? 

by Christina Sidberry, EB Intern

When it comes to reducing the carbon footprint, most people do not think of a cell phone as environmentally friendly. However, the right choice in cell phone can have a great environmental impact. The question is, which mobile phone is the greenest?

What Makes A Cell Phone Green
Cell phones contain a considerable amount of precious metals as well as toxic heavy metals. Precious metals require a significant amount of energy to harvest, while toxic heavy metals can create an enormous amount of damage to the environment.

Green cell phones are phones that take the creation, life, and disposal aspects of a cell phone into consideration. UL is a safety science company that promotes safe living and work environments, and helps to safeguard people and products. The UL ISR 110 (Sustainability for Mobile Phones) standard regulates how cell phones are manufactured, the health effects they pose, and how they are recycled.

Brands to Consider

When looking for the most environmentally friendly phone, there are a few great choices to consider.

1. iPhone

The iphone is noted for its sheer conciseness. With the ability to merge a phone, camera, planner, and much more into one machine, the iphone, like other smart phones, saves the user from needing other devices. Thus, the one-stop-shop phone helps prevent electronic waste.

2. Samsung

Additionally, Samsung has a great line of environmentally friendly phones that contain 70% or more recycled materials. The Galaxy Exhilarate, Replenish, and Evergreen, are all Samsung phones that received Platinum Certification from UL Environment.

3. The MicroMax XV29

The MicroMax is an affordable, solar powered cell phone. After three hours in the sun, the MicroMax is ready for a 90 minute conversation.

The Greenest Phone is Your Own

The phone that is the most environmentally friendly might be the one you are using right now. Getting the most possible use out of a product you currently own is always in the best interest of the environment. According to an article from treehugger.com, over 140 million Americans upgrade their phone every 14 to 18 months, creating a generous amount of e-waste.

To cut down on this waste, the next best solution to your current phone is buying a used phone and saving it from the landfill for a couple more years.

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