Guess Who Tops Interbrand's List of Top 50 Global Green Brands?

It Has Been a Crazy Couple of Days Here in Detroit at the Ford Trend's Conference...

Full Disclosure: Ford Motors paid for my lodging, airfare, and food while at the conference

Mark Fields, Incoming CEO Ford Motors

Sooooo loving the new 2015 Ford Edge. It's hot right? And has heated back seats!

A little fun before morning sessions

Ford's Futurist, Sheryl Connelly says women rule, consumers want to be in control of their technology (not the other way around), and we have the sustainability blues

Chantel Lenard, Ford Motors Director U.S. Marketing was allowed to take 6 months off to spend some time with her family

Jenna Wolfe News Correspondent with NBC Today says women need to fight for the right to be where they want to in the men's locker room crawling around on her knees...want more on this story? Tweet Me!

John Gerzema, NYT Best Selling Author says over 50% of 64,000 people polled worldwide are looking for more feminine qualities from their leaders

Dan Wagner, this is the guy who won the election for Pres Obama with his big data

The Big Data Session was one of the best

Sarah Quinlan, Senior VP, Market Insights, MasterCard Advisors is a firecracker and she knows her trends

Design panel with Jane McGonigal a game designer who says gamers are more resilient than non gamers

I am always impressed by the folks at Ford each time I attend a conference with them. Sure they roll out the red carpet, make me feel welcomed, and fill my head with invaluable information I can use as CMO for SBS Brands on consumer trends but it is more than that.  

Sure I have been a Ford girl all my life and I know I may be biased but aside from sexy cars that have the best engines around, there is a genuine thread of green that runs through this company and we all benefit. So it was no surprise to me that Ford has topped the list of Top 50 Global Green Brands. 

You can read all about it HERE.

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