Think The Love Canal Disaster is Over? Think Again

Visit HERE to hear Will talk about the current Love Canal Disaster
This Seriously Cannot be Happening Again...Can It? 

My friend Mike Schade from Safer Chemicals Healthy Families was kind enough to refer Will Battersby, the producer of a documentary about the Love Canal to me and I am very happy he did.

I thought the whole Love Canal disaster ended decades ago but I found out from Will that it is an ongoing environmental disaster that is continuing to ruin the lives of families. Apparently the fix, a plastic sheeting placed over the ground where the chemicals were placed did not work (wow what a surprise) and the area was redeveloped drawing unsuspecting families back in to build their lives.

The sad thing is, those families are dealing with the very same thing that the Love Canal stay at home moms fought against years ago. Will's documentary is a story about the power of mothers who rose up in the 1970s to fight for their families when no one else would and it’s a story about the continuing need to protect our children and ourselves from the ever-increasing number of toxic chemicals in our everyday products and waste streams.

They have just started their crowd funding campaign to raise the money to finish the film and a shout out on social media and any donations to the cause would be extremely helpful. I made a small donation and was kind of embarrassed about how little it was but Will said every amount helps and he is absolutely right.   Here's the link to their Indiegogo campaign where you can see more about the documentary from Will himself. so please check it out.

This is just one more way you can work to make a difference. I know that "make a difference" is such an overused catch phrase but I don't know about you, I like it. I like to feel a little bit of power in this world where our children are being inundated with toxic chemicals that are killing them slowly.

You in?


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