The Only Non-Toxic Beauty Brand You Will Ever Need...Meet

The Search Is Over For Safe Cosmetics and Skin Care...Meet 

My friend Lindsay is one powerhouse when it comes to helping consumers live a non-toxic lifestyle. Her work in Minnesota banning BPA and then her work with Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families has firmly planted her as a thought and change leader in living a non-toxic lifestyle.

I always thought she would stay in the non-profit or lobbying arenas and she totally threw me for a loop when she moved all the way across the country from Washington, D.C. to Santa Barbara, California to work with

Oh Now I Get It and So Will You 

When I got the call that she had moved across the country to work with, her passion and enthusiasm were hard to miss. I knew this non-toxic beauty brand had to be something. I have tried so many safe or organic products and there was always a little something missing, they just did not work like the traditional products.

Well Lindsay knows her stuff when it comes to toxic chemicals in consumers goods and products and this brand she said, was worth a cross-country move to get the word out to consumers.

She sent me some products to try and I have to tell you, I was hooked.

I cannot live without the Tint Skin Coverage and the brush to apply, the shampoo and conditioner, the  Radiance Firming Complex and the sunscreen. But trust me, that is just a partial list.

Beauty Counter products first and foremost are safe for you and your family and they actually do what they say they will. I totally get why Lindsay fell in love with Beauty Counter and if you try the Radiance Firming Complex or shampoo and conditioner, so will you.

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