Top Green Blogs for Treehuggers and Climate Change Warriors!

Top 100 Blogs for Treehuggers and Climate Change Warriors!
Me telling Target to Mind The Store!

Top Green Blogs for Treehuggers and Climate Change Warriors!

Honored to be included in the ICT green blogger awards and had to share. Lots of times I get recognized along with many of my friends for being a green blogger and it is always an honor. This time I wanted to share because the list of top green blogs is comprehensive and I saw some new faces as well. You can check out the list HERE.

Here's How They Evaluated the Top Green Blog Winners

1) Actively promote sustainable principles (recycling, zero waste, sustainability etc.)
2) Posts on average once per month
3) Has been noted by at least one other credible source for their "greenness" 
4) Actively engages with readers either via their blog or their social profiles
5) Lives what they preach
6) These were not robotically chosen, they manually reviewed over 500 blogs and narrowed it down to what you see

They did a great job to find active green blogs that not only "promoted" green living but lived it and interacted with readers fairly regularly. They avoided green blogs that were mostly news sites full of sponsored commercial links. Yay! 

Good job ICT, now go check out the list of  top green blogs. :) 

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