8 Marketing Tips to Prep Your Biz for ASTRONOMICAL 2021 Sales - How to Increase Sales Using an Online eCommerce Quiz

How to Increase Sales Through an eCommerce Quiz

In today’s constantly changing world, having an online presence is huge for any business or brand. 

The recent push to digitize many aspects of life has very obviously included business. 

And just as obvious is that most businesses knew they needed an online presence before 2020. Now they have discovered, though, that they need one that actually works as more than an online brochure. 

Businesses today need results and increased sales...and they need to get them digitally. 

There is no question as to whether or not many roadblocks will arise in for your business on any given hour, day, month or year. They will. 

But here is a BIG tip to overcome one BIG roadblock to success online. Getting sales online, or increasing sales online can be done by creating e-commerce quizzes. Here's how. 

Getting Creative with Online eCommerce Quizzes

A huge issue that we, here at Shane Shirley Media, have been seeing in new clients, is that they are having trouble grabbing the attention of customers just enough to entice them to click onto their website.  

Another big problem we are seeing is that when they are able to get those prospects to click through to their site, they aren’t attracting their target customers. 

Are you experiencing these issues too? If so, we know that wasted time and wasted spend is not on your to-do-list. 

One Simple Fix for These Two Problems is Creating an eCommerce Quiz

One thing your business or brand can do to increase sales is to know your audience and market effectively and directly to them. 

A quiz, if created, positioned, and managed correctly will help your organization dive deep into a pool of your perfect prospects. 

Not to get too technical, but an eCommerce quiz is a series of questions created in order to increase engagement, sales, ROI and LTV.

How to Increase Sales Through an eCommerce Quiz

These customizable quizzes are successful at target marketing because of their ability to ask about and then to garner specific, and sometimes, personal information. 

Much of this information we used to be able to get via targeted advertising on platforms like Facebook. These days, not so much. When done right, an eCommerce quiz works by filtering through customers by identifying, clarifying, qualifying, and validating them. 

Ask questions that identify and clarify what your prospective customers’ needs are. Create quiz questions that will filter customers in order to prequalifies them. What's left are your target customers.


Following up with these target customers is where the quiz turns into revenue. You can increase sales through the power of your accurate email lists. 

Your business now has multiple email lists that are segmented, personalized, and ready to be used to follow up with your target customers and generate sales. 

How to Build an Email List and Sales with an eCommerce Quiz


These targeted lists allow you to focus on your target customers with personalized emails, ads and more. 

And we all know that more personalized and accurate emails generate the most clicks and interest and keep those unsubs at bay.  

Personalization generates sales. 

Getting Results with Shane Shirley Media and eCommerce Quizzes 

We know this is a lot and you need help. That's where our team comes in. 

Feel free to reach out for a FREE digital marketing audit valued at $2500. 

Get the marketing help you need today and ask Shane Shirley Media for help creating your first online eCommerce quiz or request your FREE audit. 

See you next week Wednesday for more helpful digital marketing tips that will lead your business to success. 


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