What's the Customer Experience Buzz? Read This CXBuzz Interview With Our President Shane Shirley!


Catch This CXBuzz Interview With Our President, Shane D. Shirley

Established early last year, CXBuzz has made a huge impact already covering what to takes to deliver an excellent customer experience in all things retail and eCommerce around the world. 

With insight such as news, consumer trends, industry insights, and customer experience topics, CXBuzz is giving readers daily updates that are not only informational and educational but also entertaining.

Recently the president of Shane Shirley Media was asked to do an interview with CXBuzz on the current state of what it takes to serve up a great customer experience. 

What Makes Shane D. Shirley Tick?

When presented with the first question of "tell us about yourself and your background" Shane had a great, "green", story to tell. 

Shane has always had a passion for communication and after graduating from Michigan State University (Go Green) she began her career in sales but ultimately made the choice to take some time off and enjoy raising her three daughters. 

When it was time to get back to work in 2008, she founded her marketing company which has now become Shane Shirley Media. She was able to share her passion for living green while helping others learn how to let their voice be heard through digital media.

Then in 2017, Shane was diagnosed with a rare neurological disease.  

She always talks about how lucky she is to still be able to live out her passions each day. 

Shane finds meaning through her work at Shane Shirley Media and as Chief Marketing Officer of SBS Brands

Shane says, "Helping to make marketing easy and less worrisome for brands of all sizes might not be as important as curing cancer, but it sure does make me fulfilled."

Looking for Tips for Improved Customer Loyalty?

During the rest of the CXBuzz interview with Shane, customer experience and customer loyalty were the main topics of discussion.  

With the help of some excellent and effective questions from CXBuzz, Shane breaks down the importance of UX (user experience) in digital marketing, retail, and the eCommerce world. 

Head over to CXBuzz now to get the rest of the story. 

Guest Post By Reece Smith 

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