22 Stand-Out Social Media Content Ideas To Set Your Business Apart in 2022


22 Spectacular Social Media Content Ideas for Your Business! You're welcome

As we close 2021 and begin to think about 2022, it should be no surprise when we say social media will continue to have value in digital marketing. 

It is around this time of year we begin to look back on all we accomplished (or didn't), and start to think about how we can finish the year strong and prepare for what's ahead. 

But if the last two years have taught us anything, it's that no one really knows what is around the corner. 

It's important to prepare for the worst by ensuring your business has marketing covered from all angles. If your team is stretched to the limit, one of the most beneficial ways to do the bare minimum when it comes to covering digital marketing is to have a consistent social media presence. 

Running social media accounts across multiple platforms requires a certain skill set and a lot of time and effort. So to help you out, we wanted to share 22 social media content ideas for your business to use in the coming year.

Keep in mind two things. First, whether it be on Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, or really any platform that allows it, video is HUGE. It's easy and fast for consumers to consume your information through video. So don't forget to implement a bit of video into the following content ideas.

Second, these ideas may not fit your branding so be sure to stay true to your authentic persona that is your brand. 

22 Stand Out Social Media Content Ideas for Your Business To Use in 2022 

1. Behind The Scenes 

Let's start with the obvious. People love to see the "behind the scenes". Whether your business offers a product or a service, there is typically an aspect that most consumers or clients don't get to see. We arent saying show them everything, but let them see and share in your work.


Quotes are an easy option when it comes to content because there are so many good quotes to motivate and quotes people can learn from. Using quotes for content adds a level of compassion to your digital marketing strategies that people really value and miss in today's digital world. Quotes can be an excellent way to build valuable relationships. 

3. Before and After 

Whether your business is small or large, taking before and after photos and videos is a nice way to get your clients or customers involved with your business and build sales. People like to see how their product or service came to life and what it takes to get the product or service completed. 

Plus, everyone always loves a good transformation story because it really helps to show what your product or service can do.

4. Current Projects 

When it comes to content, don't overthink it! Sharing photos or videos of your current projects or offerings is always a great place to start. This also serves its purpose in terms of marketing by being a constant reminder of what exactly your business sells. 

5. Tips and Tricks

If you are ever stuck while planning and just really need some content for Tuesdays...look no further than #TipTuesday.  Hashtag Tip Tuesday is a great way to let your social media following get a little something free and create a reason for people to look out for your content. 

People love all free tips and tricks they can get that are beneficial to their work and personal lives. 

Don't forget to include some tips in your content schedule. 

6. Demonstrations 

Whether you offer a product or service, a great idea for content is to share steps, instructions, or even how-to's. Taking the time to explain how to use a product or service, showing the benefits, or giving troubleshooting guidance are all great content ideas because they give a valuable education to your audience. 

The more unique you can make that demonstration, the better for Google and your prospects. 

7. Meet The Team 

Unless you're a one-man show, you most likely have some employees or Independent Contractors who really help make your business work. Sharing photos of your team, new hires, or even helping hands are great ways to not only show your followers who is "behind the scenes", but also show some appreciation. 

People are tired of being sold to. 

A great alternative is giving your followers content about the people that make their products or deliver services. This allows for developing an important personal connection that is needed for consumers. 

8. A Day In The Life 

Showing online followers what you or even other employees at your business do on a busy day working is always a great way to involve your followers. This goes along with the behind-the-scenes idea above. 

9. Reviews 

Sharing reviews on your social media accounts is a great content idea that is essentially user-generated. 

People also love reviews. In fact, 79% of people say that they trust online reviews just as much as a personal recommendation. Resharing your client reviews is free advertising and an easy content option.

10. Statistics 

If you're ever really at a loss when it comes to your next content idea, another great option people tend to respond well to is statistics. 

Using statistics that are in your favor, will always help engagements because it's a great "Did you know?" post that people tend to engage with.

11. Blog Posts 

If you're not blogging for your business, you should definitely start doing that now. Not only for content reasons, but various others you can find here. Blog posts not only make great content to be reshared, but they also drive traffic to your website. 

12. Industry News 

A great way to keep engagement up is by sharing industry news on your social accounts. This also allows your followers to see your opinions and thoughts and give them a little look into what is happening in your world!

13. Giveaways 

This may be one content idea that may not fit your brand and if it does, consider only doing a few giveaways a year. But giveaways are a great way to fill content spots because they typically require multiple posts. And if done correctly, they also tend to boost followers and engagement. 

14. Holidays 

It might be slightly obvious to create content based on the holidays throughout the year, but don't forget about them. 

National Dog Day, National Pet Day, National Bosses Day, National Managers Day, National Waffles Day, National Donut Day... the list goes on! 

These fun days are great ways to get followers engaged and come up with content ideas. Be creative and let followers see that.

15. Company events and gatherings 

As I previously mentioned, people love to see people! Posting photos of employees at company events, on work trips, during company happy hours, and all other gatherings are great ways to help followers connect with and feel a part of your business and its culture. 

16. Pets & Mascots

Does your business have a mascot or a special pet? Animals are always popular with consumers and make great content. You can even ask your followers about their animals and pets as you share images and videos of your employees' pets. 

If you have a mascot there are too many ways to use it in social media to mention here. Have fun and share the many adventures your mascot has, create promotional items and offer them to your prospects and consumers, have a day where your mascot posts. 

17. Q&A

We talked a little already about the best content being user-generated content you don't even have to create yourself. Well if you really want some of that easy content, do a few question and answer posts on social media and let the questions and content ideas flood your dm's.

18. Infographics 

Assuming you have a way to make Infographics such as a Canva account (you can get one for free), they are incredible tools to utilize for content. Infographics are short and concise and do a good job of explaining an idea and offering specific knowledge your audience wants. 

If you ever need a content idea, Infographics are a great option. 

19. Thank You 

Thanking your fans and followers for following along with your business is always a great idea. A great image of your employees with their thumbs up, an image with a great thank you quote, or a great image to say thanks along with copy saying how much you value their interest and business, will deepen relationships and strengthen your bottom line. 

20. Hiring, Job Listings, and Team updates 

Use social media to remind prospects and your customers about your business with lots of moving parts. As new employees join the team and things might look a little different, share that with your followers. 

Content should be easy and the people who make your business go round should be front and center. 

Sharing that you're hiring is a very easy option when it comes to content. And these days those posts can be very popular. Be sure to remind people to share the post with their network in case they can help someone find employment. 

21. Goals

Much like a vision board, another effective content idea is posting and sharing your goals for the business. A great way to never run out of content is never run out of goals! 

22. Products and Packaging 

Last but not least, don't forget to share about your products or services. It is easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to social media so don't forget your easiest content idea ever, your products or services! 

Sharing photos, videos, how it's packaged, and even a few demonstrations if needed are great ideas because it's easy but also necessary. Obviously, your followers like your products and are interested in your services. Don't be afraid to showcase your offerings by using them for content ideas.

Need More Help? Here are Three More Tips...

Creating content is not an easy task and anyone who says it is doesn't create great content. It's okay to sometimes run out of ideas and steam when it comes to planning and scheduling. 

To make it easier, remember to be creative with your content and think about what your followers respond well to.

This is another place where analytics are any digital marketer's best friend. 

It's important to remember to check your analytics and insights to see what content has performed best on your social accounts. That way you can try to gear your content toward what you already know your audience responds well to. 

But if these 20 content ideas are just not enough for your team, or maybe just the opposite, seem a bit too much to handle, we have a tool for you.


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Guest Post by Reece Smith

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