Four Digital Marketing Tools Every Business Should Be Utilizing in 2022

Four Digital Marketing Tools Every Business Should Be Utilizing in 2022

Take Control of Your Online Presence With These Four Digital Marketing SEO Tools

It is clear that it has become important for all businesses to have an online presence. 

But although we have found that many CEOs, marketing managers, and digital teams know the importance of having an online strategy, many still don't have an organized approach to their digital marketing. 

Digital marketing matters because if you are not working an organized strategy, you are leaving money on the table no matter what industry you are in. 

You must establish a budget and work an effective strategy. Quantifying to the C-suite is easy with analytics which should always be utilized. 

But first things first. 

The first couple of steps you take before anything else involve developing a beautiful, user-friendly website that delivers an excellent user experience and then claiming your Google My Business Listing. Once you've created a solid foundation, it is really time to get to work on your strategy.

The following four tools provide an excellent digital marketing roadmap.

Four Digital Marketing Tools Every Business Needs to Build a Successful Online Presence 

1. A Powerful Tool For Capturing Reviews

Online, the image of your business means everything. 

Having a tool to capture positive reviews and make them available to potential customers to read is key to growing your business online. 

Our review system management tool helps your business avoid bad reviews by dealing with grievances before a customer is asked to leave a review. 

Our tool is unique in its success by asking the customer to rate their experience before they are asked to leave a review. This gives your business the opportunity to respond to less than stellar experiences while also allowing you to ask those who rate the experience high to leave a review. 

Our software then pushes reviews to your website where Google indexes them which gives your business a unique SEO advantage. 

2. The World's Most Powerful Blogging and Social Posting Tool

Having a fabulous website is just not enough to build your business online. 

You must drive prospects to your website by adding articles related to your industry and posting them to your social media accounts. By doing this you will increase search results for keywords in your articles and drive massive, targeted traffic to your website. 

With the help of our proprietary software, all of the heaving lifting is done by us and managed by us. Yes, that means that after set-up, you have to do absolutely nothing to drive potential customers to your website. 

3. Rank First, a Local SEO Program for Your Business is a Must

No matter what changes occur in business online and off, localized search will always increase your visibility.

Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic. 

This means that if your business has a local SEO program, when potential new customers are looking for your products or services, your business will show up high in search results. A local SEO program is foundational for a digital strategy. In fact, if you don't take the time and find the spend for a local SEO program, your business will drop down below many of your competitors. 

Since we understand the importance of getting a local SEO program in place as soon as possible, we offer two programs. The first is the most basic that simply will put your business on the map and keep you there. The second is the most advanced which not only puts you on the map but it takes your business to the next level. 

Ask us which Local SEO program is best for your business. 

4. Webpages That Geo-Target Everywhere

A local SEO program helps your business get found online locally, but there is no reason to stop there.

Create web pages to gain clients in areas in which your business is not located. This is huge for your business if you have the ability to sell and ship online, are looking to target other areas that you might service or sell in, or have a remote office. 

No matter what type of business or how you sell, having this geo-targeting advantage is huge to your success in 2022. 

How To Get Started With Our Four One-of-a-Kind Tools 

Since 2008, our team has helped over 12,000 customers gain control of their online presence and grow their businesses as a result. 

We're in the business of building businesses and we're ready to help you build yours next. 

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Guest Post by Reece Smith, EVP 

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