The 2022 Guide To Successful Google Ads



Scale Your Business With These Google Ads Tips

When it comes to digital marketing and growing your business, there is no magical formula that will help you get the results you need to succeed. 

With so many tips and tricks out there, it is hard to sometimes even know where to start. 

After your business has completed all the foundational steps such as creating a beautiful user-friendly website, implementing SEO, blogging and so much more, the real work begins. 

You must attract people to your site.

A great way to promote your business is with Google Ads. Many people never take the leap of faith or they simply give up on the ads they're running too early before they see conversions. 

Whether you've already been running Google Ads for your business or you're just getting started, this guide is for you!

2022 Guide To Successful Google Ads

Running Google Ads in 2022 doesn't have to be as hard as most people make it out to be. 

Follow these 5 Steps to successful Google Ads in 2022 to grow your business!

1. Set a Budget 

It is easy to get carried away while running pay-per-click ads. It is important to set a maximum amount of money that you agree can be spent on the ad. We recommend at least $20 a day in order to really see the results you need to succeed. 

2. Pay Attention to The Quality Score

Strangely enough, many people forget that the quality of the ad really impacts the outcome. The quality of the ad has to do with the landing page it pushes people to, the copy of the ad, the CTA or call-to-action, the expected click-through rate, and more. 

Before your ad is even placed in search results, Google judges your ad based upon its quality. This is why making sure your ad is perfect before you run it is key. 

3. Pick Your Keywords Wisely 

Picking your keywords might be one of the most important steps of creating a successful Google Ad. It is important to think like the consumer when creating keywords on your own. 

You must use specific keywords that are targeting your specific customers but also some less specific and rather general keywords that will help you reach the vast majority. 

And don't forget about negative keywords. 

4. Give The Ad Time to Learn 

One common mistake we see many businesses make when it comes to running Google ads is not giving the ad enough time to learn. 

When our team creates campaigns for our clients, we always recommend waiting before making any changes. This is because it takes a little bit of time to get your ads placed in front of your perfect target customer so they start converting. 

5. Know When To Ask for Help

Creating and managing Google Ads is not for everybody. If you have already spent hundreds of dollars and tried all the tricks it might be time to ask for help. 

Your Google Ads should be converting, making you money, and growing your business. If they are not converting, it is important to know when to get help. 

Hiring an agency like ours to create and manage your Google ads is affordable and well worth the investment. 

As simple as Google Ads Manager may seem, creating and managing successful Google Ads that work is not an easy task. 

Growing your business and making money with Google Ads is possible, we do it for our clients all the time, so don't give up. 

Running Google Ads But Still Not Converting?

Getting your business in front of target customers online is vital to your success in 2022.

Google Ads is a great way to do that. 

Creating and managing Google Ads is not an easy task and can cause many headaches if you are not a pro. If you have tried running Google Ads and have allowed 3 months to go by and your ads are still not converting, it is time to call the pros. 

Our team has helped thousands of businesses get found online using not only Google Ads but Facebook, and LinkedIn ads too. 

Stop wasting your time and money on Google Ads that aren't working no matter how hard you try, let us help. 

We are in the business of building businesses and are here to support your current online efforts with our 14 plus years of proven experience and knowledge. 

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