5 Characteristics of Every GREAT Website



5 Qualities of Effective Web Designs

Your website is the face of your brand. It gives consumers a chance to "see" into your business without actually physically being there. We believe that there is no better digital marketing asset than a website for your business. 

But as we've said time and time again, a good website is simply not enough. Your website must be great.

There are many options out there today that allow you to pick a template, plug your information in, and boom you have a website.

But in today's world, your website needs a lot more customization in order to beat your competitors and increase revenue. 

Let's explore how to ensure your website will not just be good, but GREAT! 

What Makes a Good Website?

1. User-Friendly 

Most of the time, when site visitors come to your website, they are trying to get the information they were searching for fairly quickly. If your website is difficult to use, they will simply go back to their search and most likely visit your competitor's website. 

User experience is a vital key to a successful website and plays a big role in helping visitors navigate your website and brand. 

2. Optimized For Mobile 

With a large number of visitors viewing websites on mobile, there should be no reason your website isn't optimized for mobile.

Your site needs to look great, be user-friendly, and work great on all devices. Screen sizes vary. What your perfect customer sees on an iPhone 10 while surfing Safari may be very different from what they see on an Android device. 

Not only will it be easier for the user, but Google will love you and a mobile-optimized website will garner huge SEO benefits. 

3. Clear CTA's

CTA stands for "call to action" which is quite literally a way to give users a purpose on your website. 

Whether your CTA is a form, contacting the sales team via emails, viewing a new blog post, signing up for an email list, or pushing a new product, every website needs a clear CTA on every page. 

4. Quality Content 

The days of just having a website and succeeding are over. In today's world, your website must give the website visitors a reason to stay and a reason to come back. Not only does all your content need to be quality but it also needs to be relevant. 

A great way to create quality, relevant content for website visitors is by implementing a blog or social posting.

5. Well Designed and Functional 

Your website is the face of your business and it should be well designed and functional. Your website gives visitors a sneak peek into your brand and products therefore it should be the best of the best. 

As well as being designed perfectly, your website needs to work. There should be no broken links, no waiting on pages to open, and no errors when visitors use your website. Anything that isn't perfect gives the website visitors a reason to leave and find a better website in their Google search. 

The Perfect Website 

The list of how to achieve that perfect website goes on and on and these five characteristics are just the basics. 

Wasting money on website templates and zero customization is never the right move. Rather taking the time to build, or hiring an agency like Shane Shirley Media to build a website is the best option. 

Wondering how your website is ranking against your competitors and how you could do better? Fill out the form below to talk to an SSM website expert today and receive a full website audit! 

Guest Post by Reece Smith 

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