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Is Your Business Missing The Mark on Social and Leaving Money on The Table? 

If your business does not have a social strategy, you are leaving money on the table. 

In fact, according to a 2021 Harris Poll commissioned by Sprout Social, a whopping 78% of consumers are willing to buy from a company after having a positive experience with them on social media. 

Smart executives know that investing in social is imperative. According to the Harris Poll, 91% of executives are increasing investments in social media in the next two years. 

But securing budget is not always easy. Yet with 43% of consumers increasing their social media use to find new products and services in 2021, setting aside a budget for social is a necessity for growth. 

Shane Shirley Media has been creating customized social media content since 2008. We have a proven track record and know how to help you build your business online. 

We have two options for your social media marketing needs. 

1. A Customized Plan to Fit Your Needs

Let Shane Shirley Media create a customized plan that fits your budget. No matter how big or small your marketing team and budget may be, we can help you increase awareness and sales. 

Need a dedicated social media manager but don't want to hire an employee? We've got your back. We have access to the best social managers in the business. 

Just starting out and don't have the budget for a dedicated manager? We've got you. We offer consulting and can create quality content for you for less than you might think. 

2. The World's Most Powerful Blogging and Social Posting Tool

Take advantage of one of the most powerful, digital tools your business can utilize and get two products for the price of one. 

Our gotcha!stream product utilizes Influencer Marketing and is just $750 a month. Stream automatically posts 25 social posts per week to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter without anyone on your team lifting a finger. No content creation necessary. 

And it gets better. 

Stream also pulls in massive targeted consumer traffic to your website via a "stream of blog content". 

In 2022 gotcha!stream brought in over 1 million visitors to just one medical practice fully booking out their 5 locations. Think we had their back? 

Let's Get to Work! 

For 14 years we have worked with clients from Ford Motors and Energy Star, to start-ups like OpenSky and we always hit the mark. Let us get to work for your business before you waste any more time and money. 

Get in touch by using the form below and we will schedule a Discovery Call and get to work building your business online through social! 

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