Is Your Franchise Making This Digital Marketing Mistake? If So, How Badly Is It Hurting Your Organization?



Leading Franchise Operations Are Missing The Mark on Digital Marketing

From Subway to Starbucks, big franchise operations are missing the mark on the most genius digital marketing strategy I have come across in over a decade of doing this work. Maybe they feel that they are "too big to fail". But I think we can all look at examples from the past and realize nobody is too big for failure. 

Even the big franchise players need to have their digital act together online to increase market share, but they don't. 

As large franchise operations miss the mark on this genius digital marketing strategy, a huge opportunity for franchise operations of all sizes exists. 

What Digital Marketing Strategy Are They Missing? 

What we are really talking about here is SEO or search engine optimization. But that isn't all of the story. 

To play with the big boys and beat them, you need to give Google what they want. 

And to get Google to position your franchise before your competitors on maps and SERPs (or search engine result pages), Google requires you to consistently work the best SEO strategy and then some. 

Your franchise may have the best digital marketing and SEO strategy in place. That may be one reason you chose them. 

But what I am talking about is moving beyond doing "the best". If you don't do better, you are just doing what everyone else is. And that will hurt your business. 

Your franchise operation needs to show Google that you are the leader in your industry online. Whether you are CEO of your franchise operation or one franchisee with one location, here's how to do it. 

Moving Beyond The Best SEO to Lead Your Industry Online 

There are seven categories of SEO that Google and other search engines need to see from your franchise location to rank you above your competitors online: Local SEO, service area targeting, blogging, social posting, reviews, onpage, and backlinking. 

Organizations with multiple locations, such as franchise operations, are challenged with managing on-website location profiles as well as individual location optimization. In other words, digital teams need to ensure SEO optimization for locations on their main website, while also ensuring each location is fully optimized and working locally for Google to rank them above competitors. 

It's not easy no matter how great your team is. Especially if they are lacking the tools they need.

As with Subway and other big franchise players, it looks like individual location optimization is often left to individual franchisees to figure out. 

This is bad. Very bad. These individual locations and their entire organization lose out on massive SEO value that Google could be giving them collectively. And if locations fall through the cracks and miss the mark on SEO, their competitors will take their customers. 

Every location needs every advantage to earn the right to show up first online. 

Here's Your Digital Marketing Advantage

The proprietary digital marketing solution I am talking about solves the problem digital teams run into by going beyond the seven categories of SEO and optimizing individual locations effortlessly. 

The best way that I can describe this proprietary digital marketing solution, is to compare it to the online power behind a directory like YELP. 

But you own it and it works for your business only, not your competition. 

Will this digital marketing strategy work to increase market share for one location? Yes, it will. 

Will this digital marketing strategy work to its fullest potential to increase market share when used as a whole for all locations? Damn straight it will. 

Ready to Find Out If Your Franchise Is a Candidate? 

If you are serious about beating your competitors and increasing market share, we should talk more about exactly what this digital marketing strategy is and how it might work for your franchise organization. 

Now isn't the time to waste money on your digital marketing strategy. Make the most of it by going beyond "the best" and doing what your competitors aren't. Search engines will reward you. 

You owe it to your franchise to see if this strategy can work for you. 

Want the details on exactly how this digital strategy might work for your franchise? Text 407.230.8592 with your name and website and ask to set up a 30-minute Franchise Digital Discovery Call.

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