Do Blogs Still Matter to Your Business? Shane Joins the Social Angle Podcast to Discuss

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Not Blogging? Maybe You Should!

by Shane Shirley 

Are you blogging for your business? If not, you need to watch Advertising Specialty Insititute's recent Social Angle Podcast

I started my digital marketing career in 2008 by blogging. I had the opportunity recently to join my friend, Vin Driscoll, with The Social Angle Podcast, to tell the story of my blogging journey. 

We also discuss if blogs are even relevant now and cover all things blogging. I make a lot of faces and even sing a little bit... 

So enjoy the podcast below on Youtube or SoundCloud! And be sure to reach out to me with any of your blogging questions via text or call me at 407.230.8592. 

English (auto-generated transcript)

0:01 hi and welcome to the social angle of podcast that helps promo Pros gain an edge in the social media realm I'm 
0:07 Vinnie and on this episode I am joined by Shane Shirley of Shane Shirley media to discuss blogs are they still relevant 
0:14 what are the benefits of having one and should you add one to your marketing Arsenal all that coming up right now 
0:21 Shane welcome to the show thank you so much for having me vin it's so good to see you yeah absolutely 
0:28 um you and I met I guess a couple years ago at one of the ASI shows I think it 
0:33 was ASI show Orlando um I I knew you because you had done some writing for Asi 
0:41 um years ago and so we got to talk we became friends on social media and I 
0:46 noticed that you had um a lot of stuff going on with your website including blogs and we're going 0:51 to be talking about blogs today so tell me a little bit about the weather you're down in Florida 
0:57 yeah it's not so awesome though at the moment same here same here what is it uh it's rainy down there today it's been a 
1:03 little rainy it's about 64 degrees so it's a little chilly today for sure well 
1:09 I would take that I mean we have rain too up here in the Northeast a little chillier than you in the 50s but it's 
1:16 been very dreary up here it's been um we haven't got any snow um but it the sun hasn't been out and 1:22 it's it's like I need some sun here you know these nights and short days and no 
1:28 sun it's been kind of getting to me um but anyway we are going to talk about 
1:33 blogging um which is something that has been around for quite a long time uh but 
1:38 before we get into uh the conversation uh can you tell us a little bit about you yourself what you do and what 
1:46 connection you might have to the promo industry sure first of all I'm super old I graduated from Michigan State 
1:53 University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications back in 1991 when the wheel was Square I think and I gradu I 
2:02 graduated from there and hightailed it out of Michigan as fast as I possibly could came to Florida and opened up my 
2:08 first business and then I got into trade show marketing I did pharmaceutical sales I get in got into marketing with 
2:15 the Florida Lottery and then I got into having babies and I stayed home for a while but in 2008 they told me that I 
2:23 had Ms then so I went to a neurologist and he said actually the emergency room 
2:29 was wrong you don't have MS what have you been ingesting have you been drinking or eating something or putting 
2:35 something differently on your body than you have been and I said well yeah I've been drinking this certain drink that 
2:41 and he said that has an artificial sweetener in it want you to stop that I have people that come in here all the 
2:47 time with your same symptoms once they stop they feel better so I went home stopped went back to the follow-up 
2:53 appointment felt so much better and the neural just looked at me and he said okay now you know what happens to 
2:59 yourself what are you going to do about it and I said I'm going to start a blog and I'm going to tell as many people as 
3:05 I possibly can that you have to take care of yourself and you have to make sure that you're watching what you're 
3:11 putting in your body I got very involved with the eco-friendly green movement and people started asking me you know 
3:18 how are you blogging how can I do it and I said I'm going to incorporate and start a business so December 2008 I 
3:25 started Shane truly media and we basically if it's digital we touch it we have my team has built over 10 000 lead 
3:32 generating websites we have a higher than industry average for click-through 
3:37 rates on our ads for Google wow okay we do fractional CMO Services we do social 
3:44 selling social media marketing if it's digital like I said we do it if it's online and as far as ASI goes I love you 
3:51 guys you know I love ASL I found I found you guys a long time ago when I was 
3:57 looking for content and you do all your surveys and you have great data that I 
4:03 could pull from so I utilized you guys for that I've also worked with so many ASI Distributors helping them with 
4:10 social selling and marketing initiatives and I think you know you mentioned that I've written for you but I think you 
4:16 know your own data says It Best in that if you give someone a promotional product they're more willing to do 
4:23 business with you sure so I think that pretty much says it all about ASI so you certainly have a lot of of 
4:30 connection to this industry not only you know with your blog you know writing about uh you know marketing you have 
4:36 Shane Shirley media also you know doing a lot of writing for um uh like freelance writing you know
4:43 for us as well um so I really wanted to talk to you about blogs uh you know this is a topic 
4:49 that I've never really delved into on my uh my podcast and people ask me well are 
4:54 blogs really social media yes you know it's a marketing tool and I think that a lot of people uh use blogs on social 
5:02 media because if blogs themselves aren't social media I see blogs being used to 
5:07 promote their businesses on social media so blogs are very um they've been around for a long time I
5:12 think uh I first started blogging I think 2001 or 2002 when I was working 
5:18 for a company called and we started doing blogs back then uh so 
5:23 they're well over 20 years old they went through a period where they were very 
5:29 very popular and then you know social media really kicked in and people were now promoting 
5:34 themselves more and and promoting their their content more directly on the 
5:40 actual platforms so I have to ask you uh because since you're more intimate with blogging 
5:46 um is blocking dead or is it still relevant in 2023 no way blogging is not 
5:51 dead it is still very relevant in today's digital landscape obviously mentioning social media the way in which 
5:58 people consume and create their content is different it's much smaller bite-sized pieces of content rather than 
6:06 kind of long-form blog posts but blog posts are still exceeding the important 
6:12 because they increase visibility and credibility they drive leads and sales for your business and my one of my super 
6:18 favorite ones is they give you free organic traffic to your website so 
6:24 there's absolutely no way that they're dead then no way so have you seen an increase 
6:30 in popularity recently um have you seen the Ebbs and flows of 
6:36 uh your own blog being popular like how do you how do you how do you um judge 
6:42 how blogs are doing in 2023 I have so many prospects and clients that are coming to 
6:48 me saying what about blogging you know we tried that before and it didn't really work out like can we do that 
6:54 again like what are your thoughts on blogging and I think it's because of the great SEO benefit for sure okay 
6:59 excellent we'll get into that um in a few minutes about SEO 
7:04 um but what are the benefits of having a Blog I think you mentioned a few just a second ago but if somebody has a Blog 
7:11 what can they expect um you know as in terms of the benefits so I have five that I have kind of 
7:18 jotted down to share with you today I really think there's a lot more but I'm just going to stick to five number one building your personal or 
7:26 professional brand a blog is a great way to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry number two 
7:32 showcasing your experience and your knowledge share that blogs are a great 
7:37 way to be educating and informing your readers and building trust and credibility that's what matters it's a 
7:44 way to build a relationship this is one of my favorite ones number three is improving search engine visibility via 
7:52 SEO and that's going to bring in that free organic traffic that I'm so in love with number four connecting with your 
7:58 target audience even on a deeper level than social media by regularly publishing content that really connects 
8:05 with them and you can foster a sense of Engagement with them and number five another favorite of mine generating 
8:12 leads and sales people don't think about that when they think about a Blog but that's such a huge huge part of it a 
8:19 blog is a super great lead generation tool especially if you remember to put 
8:25 in your calls to action or your ctas and any lead generating magnets you can get 
8:30 people to sign up for your emails and take specific actions including buying 
8:35 your products and services sure so Shane let me ask you this couldn't social 
8:41 media alone the platforms do exactly what you're talking about without having to have a Blog but why would we want to 
8:48 do that because you don't own social media it's a good point it's a good point you know I'm playing devil's advocate here 
8:54 I'm trying to you know come up with the reasons why somebody would would say no I don't want to have a Blog I have 
9:00 social media I have um you know Facebook I have LinkedIn why would I want to add another level of 
9:07 complexity to my messaging you're saying that when you have that blog itself the 
9:12 blog then becomes an engine for Dr for driving traffic to your blog to your 
9:19 website to wherever you have it hosted yes and Absolutely I'll cover this a little a bit later but it's smart to 
9:25 share your blog posts to other platforms like LinkedIn very smart they have a 
9:31 it's better to have a Blog to share onto platforms than it is to actually use 
9:38 those platforms as um your blog yeah absolutely because I'm 
9:43 so bullish like right now everybody we're really telling our clients you must own you have to own your website 
9:50 you have to own it's very very important you can't just rely on Facebook or 
9:56 LinkedIn because we don't know what's going to happen to those platforms they change so much that's great that's great 
10:02 advice you know and I think that I've talked about that a lot on this show about how the changing platforms uh 
10:09 really affect a lot of what you're trying to do on those platforms your goals for instance if you're trying to 
10:15 uh you know get a lot of recent engagement on your content and all of a sudden the algorithm changes then then 
10:21 it affects your goal in a way that you can't there's nothing you could do like 
10:27 right then you're going to have to start paying for it you're gonna have to start paying for that reach and engagement 
10:32 um because like you said you don't own those platforms the social media platforms own 
10:38 that and they're going to change and reconfigure it the way they want so that they can make money off of it so 
10:45 exactly and you know a lot of people think that it's a-okay to just build-up 
10:50 their blog on LinkedIn but like I said you don't know what's going to happen later so that's just not the best 
10:56 direction to go in and right now the algorithms you talk about are changing They Don't Really favor a lot of Link 
11:02 backs like to your website but there's ways to get around that when you're sharing your blog content can you share 
11:09 some examples yeah sure so you could just ask somebody like hey drop a you 
11:15 know question mark in the comments if you'd like the the five reasons why you 
11:20 should blog right okay and then they drop that and then you can send them directly and it gives you a chance to 
11:25 connect with them on a deeper level send them a message and you've already got the conversation started okay that's a 
11:31 great tip um never never heard of that one and so let me ask you uh Shane 
11:38 if I'm somebody who is interested in setting up a Blog 
11:43 but don't know where to start how do I do it how difficult is it what are your recommendations for somebody who is 
11:50 looking to just set one up and kind of do it on I'm not going to say the cheap but they 
11:56 don't want to they don't want to spend too much money on it they just want to get it going and start creating content 
12:02 it's totally doable it's absolutely doable and I'm very bullish on blogs for 
12:07 business and I think that more than the technical difficulty of setting up a 
12:13 Blog you really have to know that there's a certain level of commitment after you set up the 
12:19 blog that you really have to be producing high-quality content and actively promoting it to your target 
12:26 audience now like I said setting up the blog is relatively easy you do have to 
12:32 have some minimal technical knowledge but there are platforms out there like WordPress which I'm really big on and 
12:39 blogger um that make it pretty easy to set up your blog and also to kind of design it 
12:46 so that it will look good for you and it can be very inexpensive you can also host it there 
12:51 um but there's also if you have a custom coded website completely custom coded there's also lots of website Builders 
12:58 and CMS that allow you to create a blog section on your website like Shopify or 
13:04 Magento um and that provides a really easy way to keep everything kind of under one 
13:09 umbrella but I would say that overall the technical side of setting up the blog is relatively easy but you must 
13:15 remain committed to creating that content yeah we'll talk about that in a 
13:21 second about SEO and optimizing your blog um but you said WordPress you also 
13:26 mentioned blogger I've used both of them in the past um you know in years ago I remember 
13:32 because WordPress has been around a long time as has blogger uh you know there was some technical uh work that you had 
13:39 to do it wasn't as easy as it is today uh I will say 
13:44 um I'm not in the know right now but for something like WordPress is it is it 
13:50 very very easy friendly it's so user friendly that's the number one usually nine times out of ten I'm
13:57 like I'm gonna recommend WordPress and most and here's another hint if you've got a website
14:03 already set up for your business or for your personal brand you know most likely it's on WordPress and you
14:10 probably have your blog like just anywhere and all you have to do is like right you don't even know it's there 
14:16 it's it's uh one of the features that you know if you're if your website is running on uh WordPress then you you 
14:23 have those blog capabilities you probably aren't even aware of so you know certainly look into that if if not 
14:30 if it's not built on WordPress I think WordPress makes it very seamless and easy to integrate into most websites so 
14:39 it's something that you can look into um you know and it's it's probably something you can do yeah absolutely and 
14:45 in IT department no it's nice if you do have your I.T department or if you can 
14:50 call someone like me and say please help but you can definitely do it yourself you really can't it's I I would suggest 
14:57 getting together with a friend or someone in my industry that can really help you if you don't have the budget 
15:03 for it because you definitely want to make sure that you're setting it up right but if you put in enough time and 
15:09 effort you're gonna be able to do it again we're talking to Shane Shirley of Shane Shirley media we're talking about 
15:14 blogs if you have any comments or questions feel free to post them um you know and we'll try to get to them 
15:20 if not we'll get to them after the conversation uh now Shane this is really 
15:26 you know a big part of why I wanted to talk to you um it's about how to do blogs and do 
15:32 them right optimizing them for uh search engine optimization making sure that they get found when people are searching 
15:40 um what are some best practices that you recommend for Content I know you 
15:46 mentioned creating content like do you is there is there a regularity that in 15:52 which you should post like what are some of the tips that you have yeah so I knew you were going to ask me this question I
15:57 have seven best practices and that question that you just were talking about posting frequency 
16:03 if I had a dollar for every time I was asked that question I would be just set 
16:08 completely because people want to know like what does Google want what do the search engines want what do they want 
16:14 and basically what I can tell you is it's most important to establish a 
16:20 consistent posting schedule so if you feel like you can post every day five days a week awesome because honestly the 
16:26 more you can post the better but if you can only post once a week great if you feel like you know what I really feel 
16:32 like I could probably post once a month and that's going to be really good for me and that's fine do it go for it 
16:38 that's going to be just great just stay consistent with it and don't stop number 
16:44 two I think you really need to think about the quality especially right now with a lot of the updates that Google 16:49 has been doing they care more about the quality of your content than the 
16:56 quantity so I think it's important to definitely focus on creating high value 
17:01 value information in that's really going to engage your target market 
17:07 how did they know that it's high quality oh they can tell they have algorithms 
17:12 that check and also a lot of times people will try to stuff a whole bunch of keywords into blog posts they can 
17:19 tell it's very very simple for their crawlers to be able to see that that's interesting okay it's the secret sauce 
17:24 of the Crawlers you don't know what they're actually looking for but they do and that's you know it's up to us to try 
17:31 to figure that out right people say that all the time like I can sit here and give you what I can learn from all the 
17:36 data that I look at but other than that it's just basically you know we're trying to guess at it 
17:43 a good guess from Dana which I'll cover a little bit later but optimizing for 
17:48 SEO is the third thing that I think is so important because if you're not optimizing for SEO you're missing the 
17:55 whole vote um vlogging so optimize your blog post for the search engines and you can do 
18:00 this by putting those keywords naturally in your title and here's a couple a few 
18:06 really good hints okay so one thing that people miss a lot of times is they don't put what's called their alt tags look it 
18:12 up it's super easy on their images you know this right oh 
18:18 so much search engine optimization power so put those alt tags on those images make sure that you're also posting 
18:25 internally to other blog posts within your own blog and then you know what 
18:30 else the search engines really really love is if you are linking to high-quality content okay so make sure that 
18:36 you link out as well as internal linking now I also mentioned a little bit about keywords but topic and keywords identify 
18:44 your topics and keywords that are relevant to your target audience and your industry and then what you want to 
18:49 do is you just want to keep creating content that aligns with those topics and keywords and then again optimize 
18:56 your blog post title fill in your meta description your headers and your keywords to boost SEO that's great 
19:03 advice and you know I know all about that a lot of people don't you know use alt tags and images 19:10 are important in fact now I think it's um uh they're they're cracking down on 
19:16 making sure you do it for uh disability act because when blind people 
19:22 are reading blogs and they come across an image they need to know what the image is and if you don't have all text 
19:27 in there uh you're going to get docked so all text is not only just great for 
19:33 SEO but I think it's starting to become a requirement and you're going to get docked if you don't have that all 
19:38 text in there yeah and be honest about that alt text make sure that you're not trying to trick the search engines 
19:44 because that's black hat we don't want to get involved with all that you make sure that you tell a good description of 
19:50 what that image is don't try to get more keywords stuffed in there and all that right that's bad right so that's called 
19:55 keyword stuffing and I think that um uh one of those it's pretty obvious when you're stuffing keywords into an 
20:02 article uh the article doesn't sound natural you're using doing the same 
20:07 keyword over and over and over and it just it just doesn't sound natural so so your content should reference the 
20:14 keywords that you're you're looking for instance uh you know social media marketing or whatever but it shouldn't 
20:20 be in every sentence uh you know to me I feel like you know you could just do a quick 
20:26 um Google search on keyword stuffing and yeah and you can understand what it is and try not to do that 
20:33 um but I think those are some great tips of course uh headlines uh their headlines I remember 
20:40 about you know five ten years ago headlines were very very important in terms of making sure that you cover 
20:46 you've got the basics in your headline now with metadata um and all alternative 
20:51 headlines you can now um you know add you don't necessarily have to have a headline that is all
20:58 keywords right you can use your you know your metadata to you know make sure 
21:04 that all the keywords are included in there now this is a little bit more advanced for people who are who are 
21:10 doing uh blogs for the first time you know my recommendation to be to be 
21:16 honest is like just right naturally make sure your keywords are covered and if you've got the blog
21:22 um you know in place make sure you take advantage of things like metadata and you can you can Google search that 
21:28 and figure out how to do it yeah and WordPress makes it so easy right word and just call a friend call friends and 
21:35 we'll help you out it works yeah yeah I mean look you know I always make the joke like you can figure out how to do an anything through Google if you know 
21:42 the you know how to use Google the right way right and also when I think about 
21:47 when I try to to preach about SEO and how uh you can get your content found I 
21:53 always tell people when you're creating content think about the ways that people are going to search for this 
21:59 piece of content so if I'm writing something I want to think like the person who is the target audience 
22:06 for this how would they search for this right and make sure that the way they're 
22:12 they're going to search for this is the way that you're creating the content and I think that's going to help the 
22:18 discoverability um you know and that's just that's just the natural 
22:25 um inclination for SEO in my mind just think like your users yes absolutely I 
22:30 mean aside from all the technical stuff when you talk about your writing for SEO natural natural natural natural 
22:36 important right um so do you have any more advice for or best practices for SEO I would say 
22:43 definitely number one uh you want to measure and analyze don't forget about 
22:48 that I'm big on data I'm very big I'm looking at what's working adjusting the sales and changing things so if you've 
22:55 got something like Google analytics that you can utilize and it's free it's very 
23:01 easy to well I won't say it's easy to use easy look at what content is really doing well for you what the search 
23:07 engines are really loving that you're giving out look where you're getting your most traffic from and then you know 
23:13 continue to share on that platform continue to give out that kind of content see how long people are on your 
23:20 blog different things like that in Google analytics super super important and I would also say that you definitely 
23:26 need to choose the right platform and I think nine times out of ten like I said I'm gonna go with WordPress 
23:33 um feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn and I can help anybody with that and then I would also say to use a 
23:39 reliable hosting provider somebody that you can pick up the phone and talk to 
23:45 right I think that's most important so who do you use as your host we have we 
23:51 offer our own hostings oh okay yeah so you just pick up the um the phone and 23:56 call yourself well not me I have a team that works for me that does all that stuff for us yeah yeah no that it is 
24:02 good to be able to um get a hold of somebody now look you're gonna have to pay for that I know hosting costs a 
24:09 little bit of money but it's not that much I know that um you know up until a few years ago we 
24:14 had blogs on ASI Central and we were paying you know like minimal amount a month you know maybe it was it was a 
24:21 yearly fee you know 12 bucks a year or 15 bucks a year something so you can do 
24:26 Go Daddy you can do HostGator those are two I really love GoDaddy I think they're wonderful they have support you 
24:33 can pick up the phone and they will talk with you they will help you through it don't forget to pick up the phone right if you get lost on something like this 
24:39 call that hosting provider or call a friend and they'll be able to help you I cannot tell you how much I urge people to really 
24:47 explore this platform because everyone is looking for an edge and right now 
24:52 blogging is going to offer you that Competitive Edge that other people have just dropped the ball on right now you 
25:00 say pick up the phone you and I think are gen X's um Gen Y other than humans well well I'm 
25:08 I'm up there I'm my tendency is to pick up the phone and Gen X and older pick up 
25:14 the phone I always laugh about generational differences in the usage of customer service I've worked with 
25:21 um Millennials gen Z I'm working with now and they're first in their first preference is to go right to social 
25:28 media uh and do customer service but every business out there I shouldn't say 25:35 every most businesses out there have social media and they can be reached through uh through whatever platforms
25:43 that they have so however you choose to have a hosting you know you can reach them through the
25:49 phone through social media it doesn't matter through chats um and I'm sure they can help out and
25:54 absolutely so um now those are the questions that you know I'm going to get into uh something 26:02 that is more of an impromptu question is something brand new for my 
26:07 blog or not my blog calling it my blog my um my podcast for 2023 is I'm just 
26:13 gonna ask you off the cuff questions questions that you don't know anything about uh so that I can kind of you know 
26:20 force you to think on your feet and see what you got here so my first question for you Shane is what was your favorite 
26:27 subject in school and why 
26:32 my favorite subject in school I'll just I'll I'll talk about 
26:38 I loved English I mean I just you know I it doesn't surprise me 
26:44 you're a writer you're somebody who likes to write you're more like myself I would say that English would have been 
26:50 mine as well so tell me a little bit more about why when I got into college 
26:56 at Michigan State I really enjoyed my persuasion classes as well because that 
27:03 helped with my writing obviously quite a bit so the persuasion included with the 
27:09 English English was almost a second it was almost a minor for me I did so many English classes but I loved the reading 
27:16 and I do love to write and I love to understand the written word and how that 
27:22 can be utilized to help people and that's ultimately like what we're all trying to do here with our businesses 
27:29 is to help people so I'm the same way I'm you know I'm like a word nerd I'm 
27:34 fascinated by words and I like you know the more I know the better and I try I don't try to be 
27:41 um yeah I try not to be this disingenuous when I write you know I don't want to 
27:47 use big words but I want to understand them and use them in the right context and know who my audience is and make 
27:52 sure that you know the right words appeal appear appeal to them right because you know you don't want to have 
27:59 something lost in communication but I'm the same way as you um I'm a you know I'm a journalist by 
28:04 trade and English was my major when I first started school so that doesn't surprise me if you said math no gosh no 
28:11 I would have been a little shocked yeah People Like Us fear math I fear it I've 
28:19 always feared it why you got me snorting that's not good okay all right my next question what one song 
28:25 artist or album is an essential part of your life 
28:31 oh I like I like this song called Wildfire wow 
28:38 yeah it's a horse Wildfire was a horse yeah Wildfire was a horse and that's a 
28:43 70 song that's a great song um my parents kept me up with good music so that's very that's always been a 
28:50 really really important song to me it just makes me feel so positive and so it just makes me feel so good I love it I 
28:57 love that answer all right what's your favorite promo item and why 
29:02 I we have we get one of my favorite promo items oh my gosh I have so many 
29:08 but one of my favorites is um and it's kind of getting outdated so I'm gonna have to find a new one but I've always 
29:15 loved the webcam covers okay when people are on their computer they're constantly 
29:20 looking at you but computers now kind of already come with that little yeah thing so my second
29:27 favorite I would probably have to say I love pens I know everybody talks about 
29:32 how but they travel so far and everybody always when you're looking when you're 
29:37 using that pen you always looked out to see what it says always always yeah it's 
29:43 the only promo item that I know that people encourage theft it's like it's 
29:51 like yeah take our pens because when you take a pen like if you take a pen out of a bank and you're you know 
29:57 you bring it over to somebody's house or you bring it over and you leave it at a bar or something people pick it up 
30:03 everyone picks up pens and they steal them and they put them in their pocket or whatever it's like now there's 
30:08 there's your messaging there's your brand have you ever used anybody from a pen I have from a pen that I've just 
30:14 found someplace I've actually called the people and utilized them I've never done that but I do have my favorite pens that 
30:21 I use all the time if a pen writes well and I like the way it feels I will hold 
30:27 on to that pen for as long as the pen will write and I will be constantly reminded of that brand and that's why I 3
0:35 think it's important to not use cheap pens I'm not I'm not I was just gonna say that yeah like you have to it 
30:41 wouldn't your but if your budget doesn't allow you to do a good pen do something else right right I agree all right so I 
30:47 don't know how this question is going to land I'm not because I don't know you that well so it's Friday the 13th it is 
30:54 I know that's freaking me out and I'm a huge horror fan what's your favorite horror movie 
31:01 I you know what um I would have to say the birds the bird that's a great one 
31:06 that's a great one that that's a um I saw that when I was really young and it 
31:11 really messed with me because I didn't expect like this black and white movie to be as freaky as it was and it really 
31:18 was it was you know I see all these birds attacking people and I'm like my god did that happen like I think that's 
31:24 that was the fear you know that was the fear that you know hey it looks and it looks so real for a movie that was made 
31:29 in the 60s right it could look and be as terrifying as it was 
31:35 um Birds but it was like yeah I love that I love that yeah that's a great answer all right my final question 
31:40 where can listeners find you online to LinkedIn and connect with me 
31:46 to LinkedIn Shane Shirley on LinkedIn I think I'm probably the only change really there Shane Shirley marketing you 
31:52 can find me on LinkedIn awesome awesome any final thoughts today Shane no I'm just so glad that you asked me to do 
31:59 this it's so nice to chat with you and talk to you and I again just blog like if you have any questions please reach 32:05 out to me because I cannot emphasize the benefits enough of blogging and people really need to start getting back in the 
32:12 blogging habit because it's something that you own it's yours and you can use it in so many ways for marketing it's 
32:18 just fantastic awesome that was a great conversation Shane thank you so much for being here today and have a great 
32:25 weekend thanks you have a better one Ben all right for Shane I'm Vinnie we'll see you next time on the social angle 


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