Kick Cancer Causing PFOA's to the Curb with ManPans, Earth Pans and a Good Old Cast Iron Skillet - for Your Health and the Health of our Environment

Are you familiar with PFOA's?  Have you heard about Teflon and non-stick pans with PFOA's?  Do you know that there are studies which have shown the chemical to be present at low levels in the bloodstream of 9 out of 10 Americans, and in the blood of most newborns. PFOA has been shown to cause cancer, low birth weight and a suppressed immune system in laboratory animals exposed to high doses.  Although the effects of PFOA at lower doses in humans are disputed, there does seem to be a link between PFOA and raised levels of cholesterol  and PFOA's are in the non-stick coating of your Teflon pans.  But wait, it gets worse, PFOA's are detrimental to our environmental health as well as human health.  Even the EPA has declared PFOA's to be likely carcinogens.

In the 1980's,  workers in a Teflon plant claimed that their babies suffered from birth defects caused by Teflon.  In fact, in 2006, the EPA  asked 8 American companies (including Dupont) to phase out their use of PFOA's.  Dupont was heavily fined for hiding data on the toxicity of PFOA's and polluting the Ohio River drinking-water supply near its West Virginia plant.

Now I am no Maria Liberati, Greg Henry or Michael Ruhlman and I can barely cook with any pan.  You may be a disaster waiting to happen in the kitchen like me, but with a Man Pan we can (almost) be like Maria, Greg or Michael Ruhlman.   Using a ManPan will insure our food NEVER sticks to the pan again.   Especially if you are noticing that your Teflon coated pans are starting to break down (have you seen the black stuff peeling off on your old pans?), you will need to purchase a better option for your cooking needs.

I lust over the ManPan 4qt Saucepan because it is great for cooking everything, it's safe for our health and the health of our environment and it has a great handle that won't get hot!  Eliminating areas in the kitchen where I can potentially burn myself is always a plus!  Step up to the plate for your health and our environmental health and try out our ManPan with its environmentally safe Water-Based Release Coating: Gem-X2non-stick coating.

Heck these pans are made in America and the company even works to reduce their carbon footprint.  This is just another supplier from our Environmental Booty Shop that truly cares about our health and the health of our environment.  Kick your old, Teflon coated pans to the curb.

I have also found a great set of non-toxic Earth Pans and a good old cast iron skillet that comes already "seasoned" so it is non-stick naturally to help you curb your chemical use in the kitchen.   As long as you never wash it with soap, it will remain non-stick and work great without any worry over chemical pans.  Shouldn't we can all feel good and be worry free about cooking with toxic-free cookware!  I think we all know the answer to that.  Invest in your health now, and reap the rewards!
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  1. Nice post. I really liked it.. Don't forget to update it regularly. I am looking for new updates dying to read more stuff from you.

  2. HI CTP, that is very kind of you. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Robert from ManPansMonday, March 01, 2010

    Hey, thanks for the review of ManPans! That 4qt Sauce Pan is my favorite at home. The coating isn't really "non-stick" because that means PTFE is used and it is soft. Our pans coating is PTFE free and so hard and durable we actually recommend using metal utensils! Cleans up easy and is a delight to cook with. Proudly made in the USA by an eco conscious manufacturer.

  4. Thanks very much for the clarification. I appreciate it. You guys really seem to care about the health of consumers as well as the health of our environment. Can't wait to see what you do in the future! Thanks for stopping by. :)

  5. I purchased the ManPans and loved them for the first two months. Now the pans I use the most have completely lost their nonstick capabilities and the company refuses to return my emails. It pains me to call this company out because I love everything they stand for, but sadly they are not standing behind their product, so I would look elsewhere if I was a consumer looking for a nonstick pan that actually worked.

  6. Thank you for the comment and I will forward it to ManPans in the hope that we can get you some help with your issues!

  7. Shortly after my post on April 17, 2010 the company contacted me to resolve the problem and refunded my purchase price. I am now very happy with this companies customer service and would recommend giving their product a try. It is rare to find an American made product that is eco friendly for the consumer and the environment.

  8. I would like more information on the problem the woman who posted in June had with ManPans. I'm about to order some because of the company is environmentally friendly and because the product is made in the USA. also, they are light and seem to be high-quality. I've never used aluminum and am concerned about whether the metal is safe for cookware.

  9. I now carry a cast iron skillet in my shop that is wonderful and free of toxic surfaces. You can fins it .

    I currently am no longer carrying ManPans in my shop.

    I do know that he company took care of the woman with the problem pan.

    I say let's all go back to the way a skillet is done best...cast iron. As long as you never wash the skillet with soap it will be non-stick forever. The one I carry comes already seasoned so it is ready to go and a really great price.

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